IL019 ENGLISH ROSE Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.3 oz/yd2)

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ENGLISH ROSE linen's sumptuous, rustic crimson held great spiritual significance during the Italian Renaissance, clothing figures with indulgent drapes that seem to radiate human warmth. World famous Venetian master Titian painted religious, secular and mythological subjects with this gloriously vibrant red tone; given how rare, expensive and potentially toxic the pigment was he placed it sparingly on the canvas, adding intensity and drama around his central and most prized figures. "A good painter needs only three colours," he mused, ", white, and red."

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 46
Thread count weft : 37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Colonial Ball Gown petticoat
Reviewer: Bonita

This is a beautiful color which goes well with a gown which has a damaged petticoat. Looking forward to working with it.

review star review star review star review star review star
Roxy profile image Great color
Reviewer: Roxy

I washed and pressed the fabric the day I bought, but have not had time to make up yet, and when I do, it will be a Tina Givens pattern. The color is beautiful, and on the cool spectrum, but I think it would be great on most skin tones.

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Great color
Reviewer: Beverlie

I really love this color and the way it feels next to my skin. Easy to sew and work with.

review star review star review star review star review star
Reviewer: Carrie

Like most other reviewers, I love the color and hand of this fabric. I made a flowy dress and it hangs beautifully.

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Brick, not Rose
Reviewer: Jo

Was expecting lovely rose red, but disappointed to find dull brick red. Granted, some roses are orange red, but normally we associate rose red with a cooler toned red... May I exchange to something else since I paid shipping for this?

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Good evening! I am sorry I didn't see your inquiry sooner - for quick replies please call or email us. And absolutely to refund or exchange - as long as the fabric hasn't been washed - we will be happy to help find you a color you love :)

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An old fashioned tea rose color
Reviewer: Holly

This is a beautiful shade of warmer rose. Has a very nice drape for a summer dress

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Flattering and classic
Reviewer: Sara

Sue's photo at right inspired me to order - the color is warm and natural-looking. I can't wait to order more!

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Lovely color, nice weight
Reviewer: Kathleen

I don't have a good eye for color but I know what I like, and this is it. I plan to use it for an early 14th century overdress to be worn with a green kirtle. The linen has some body so it will hang well. Having worked with linen of this weight from before, I know it will also launder and wear well.

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Reviewer: Kevin

Anyone who is interested in liturgy would be perplexed to know what truly is 'Liturgical Pink' or 'Rose'. This fabric is very,very close to that very exotic shade that is used only twice a year: once in Advent and the other in Lent. It's a very unique shade; almost a dark salmon or an orangish pink.To call it 'Rust coloured' doesn't do it justice. It is a great fabric for chasubles, stoles or even altar linen to celebrate the joyful midpoint of the two very penitential seasons.

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Future apron
Reviewer: Dianne

This is a beautiful rose colored linen. It washed up beautifully, and is very high quality. The color is true to the picture..

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Love this color!!!
Reviewer: Karen

I was hesitant to buy this after reading reviews describing the color as rusty, but I'm so glad I ordered a sample to decide for myself. Yes, its a warmer rose than one immediately thinks of, but on my monitor, the image is quite close to the actual fabric. It just arrived today and it immediately jumped to the top of my list of favorite linen colors! Its in the washer now, and I can't wait to turn it into renaissance garb. :)

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order a swatch first
Reviewer: Lisa

I agree with the reviewer that this color is closer to a sort of rust/orange red than a pink. On my monitor the color appears to be more of a dusky rose. I ordered fabric before ordering a swatch of this color & while the color is pretty it is not what I was hoping for. I don't know who names colors but it's misleading to call this "rose."

The English Rose linen matched with the natural in a tote bag.

Posted by Anne

I designed this vibrant, convertible dress with the intent to play with it all spring and summer. I appreciate pieces that go the extra mile and this dress is such a bold statement that can be played up or down. I see this at everything from weddings to graduations depending on how you style it. Here I am sharing why, how, and the way it's done in 5 different ways. For this project, I chose to use FS ENGLISH ROSE Medium Weight 100% Linen. You can read more about how to style this dress here:

Posted by Warlene

Used the free Fabric-Store tank top pattern with the English Rose IL019 and it was a dream to sew. Shape looks a little skewed in this photo but is actually perfect) I did not have enough linen to make the bias binding for neck and armholes but I'm happy with the look of the contrasting cotton, which does not show when garment is on. Keep that in mind if you use the F-S tank top pattern- a good bit more linen is needed than the 1 to 1.5 yards called for if you want the bias binding in the same linen. The fabric was machine washed and dried twice in warm water before sewing. Garment has a beautiful weight and drape. Another great F-S purchase!

Posted by Rosemary

English Rose with Tawny Port in a simple tunic of my own design

Posted by Holly

Paraments for 4th Sunday in Lent, Rock of Ages Lutheran Church, Stone Mountain, Georgia.

Posted by John

Darling new outfit! Dress made with this gorgeous color from a new Tina Givens pattern.

Posted by Vickie

I made this Regency style dress for the Jane Austen Festival in Bath, England. I love the way it hangs---very nice!

Posted by Sarah

Used this beautiful linen and a coordinating cotton print to make a lovely tunic for my etsy shop, ragged edge linen. Love all your beautiful linens!

Posted by Vickie

Absolutely love this fabric. Such a gorgeous color, very easy to work with and so incredibly soft even before the first wash! I was able to make my husband his own ring sling (pink per request) for our baby girl due later this year.

Posted by Norma

English Rose is the exact old fashioned beautiful color you'd expect:) Roanoke Ring Slings uses only the best linen from! They have the best linen at the best price along with the most amazing customer service! Thank you! See more at !

Posted by Savanah

This is a wonderful "old fashioned" color. I bought it originally to go with a Rio Red skirt. The colors didn't coordinate. So I made a Tawny Port skirt and those two colors look good together. I planned on it just for dancing & performing music (linen is great for both as the same top can work for both heat and cold) but end up wearing it a lot with jeans. Love this color; it's subtle.

Posted by Sue

I love this fabric! I agree with the other reviews that it seems more red than pink, but it works up beautifully. I cut it with rotary cutters and it came out very smoothly.

Posted by Summer

An unusually beautiful terracotta rose shade, this versatile linen makes for a strong, breathable carrier. From the collection at

Posted by Rebecca


Posted by Wanda

16th century Florentine dress - A reproduction of a gown in a painting called "The Preaching of Saint John the Baptist", by Bacchiacca, 1520. Constructed mainly from IL019 English Rose. In reality, I think the color is a bit darker - more red/orange, and less pink - than the product image shows.

Posted by April
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