IL019 CHOCOLATE Softened - 100% Linen - Middle (5.3 oz/yd2) - 20.00 Yards

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Warmth permeates Rembrandt van Rijn's paintings as golden, syrupy candlelight falls and disappears into velvet brown shadows. CHOCOLATE linen mirrors the earthy and enveloping darkness in Rembrandt's paintings, which swarms around the light and gives it torch lit radiance.

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

The cloth is Softened so we have added a softener to give it a silkier hand. The fabric has not been laundered so shrinkage will still have to be taken into consideration (shrinkage depends on fabric weave and laundering method).

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp : 17.9
Thread size weft : 17.9
Thread count warp : 46
Thread count weft : 37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2
Width : 59 inch
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Three happy people from one order!
Reviewer: Susan

I made three matching underdresses for Medieval reenactors. Keyhole necklines , sleeve cuff and hem trim in Autumn Gold. Next will be embroidered details. Apron dresses will also be in Autumn Gold with coordinated embroidery.

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Lisa profile image Easy to Sew
Reviewer: Lisa

I love this fabric! I made a pair of overalls with it. It was easy to sew, feels soft and is comfortable to wear.

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Kirsten profile image a neutral to slightly cool brown
Reviewer: Kirsten

very dark brown. coordinates well with Potting Soil. this is "warm" like all browns, but definitely on the cooler side (potting soil is much warmer) and can be worn by people who favor cool tones. it coordinates well with Insignia Blue, Evergreen, Eggplant and Biking Red (i had samples of those to work with)

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Perfect for SCA wear!
Reviewer: Katia jade

I made a baby T-tunic with keyhole neckline for my son, leaving generous seam allowances and tucking up extra into the sleeve and hem for him to grow into. The washability of this weight of linen is perfect for baby/toddler garb, and the color is rich and lovely. I used Verdant green to make a contrast keyhole neckline

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Great dark brown fabric
Reviewer: Amanda

The fabric is soft rich in color and all around fabulous!

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Chocolate brown linen
Reviewer: Irmgard

This is a beautiful brown linen fabric. I have used it for my clothing intems and my customers love it...and it softens every time it's washed! Ariana-Skye,com

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Rich deep brown
Reviewer: Elizabeth d

This was to be something else but I had gotten a Doggie Bag scrap of "Cedar" and the two looked so good together that I changed my plans and I now have my favorite, want to wear it every day, sturdy summer smock. I used the green for the deep yoke and this brown for the body of the dress. It is a dream to wear, even on the hottest days, but it's heavy enough to be opaque, no slip! Later I used the scraps of "Chocolate" for the yoke to a dress of "Ginger" that's wonderful and more "dressy." I added accents of contrast self-fabric buttons, ginger on chocolate and chocolate on ginger. LOVE this dress too.

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rich color
Reviewer: Donna

This fabric is very rich and beautiful. I straightened the grain, then zigzagged raw edges, and washed on warm 3 times, with borax (a natural fabric softener). I did not put it in a dryer ( I think a dryer ruins the naturally beautiful hand and texture of linen ), but hung it to dry, then ironed with lots of steam. Although the fabric had seemed somewhat stiff and shiny upon receiving it, this treatment resulted in a soft but not limp hand, with the feel of linen that I love so much. I will be sewing a coat for spring out of this. Vogue 9040 view A. I will underline the linen with soft cotton which will reduce wrinkling, and it will be lined in a smooth cotton percale. I'll use vintage buttons. Can't wait to sew my project with this gorgeous fabric. Although I'm using it like this for a lightweight coat, this fabric weight is also great for pants, skirts, jackets, and dresses that are meant to have shape and some structure. The color is really wonderful. Highly recommend this gorgeous fabric choice. There's nothing like quality linen!

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Beautiful earthy brown
Reviewer: Stacia

I used this linen to make a skirt and top that was a mainstay of my summer into fall wardrobe. I get so many compliments on this fabric. It washes well and does not hold stains that come easily in my busy household. I love the way this drapes yet it is very practical for everyday wear. I am coming back now to buy yardage to make a maternity dress. I know this fabric will serve me well and be super comfortable in this special time.

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Beautiful Warm Brown
Reviewer: Lauren

This is a really lovely color! It's actually a warmer, richer color than it appears to be on the website, which is exactly what I wanted- I'm glad I ordered a swatch or I might never have bought it. It also has a wonderful feel, very soft. It's turning into a very pretty 18th century petticoat.

I have always loved linen fabric, from a men's suit to the linen cloths on the dinner table. I will wear linen year round as along as the colors match my personal palette for the season. This Fall I selected a skirt from Vogue Patterns (#1639), a garment that's deceiving on the package, but an easy make and FS CHOCOLATE Mid Weight linen is the perfect fabric to use. The skirt has definition and flow and the linen shows up rich in color and weight. The skirt has a nice yoke that compliments the waist and makes a pair of boots jealous.

Posted by Nikki

The most perfectly rich and delicious color chocolate! Roanoke Ring Slings uses only the best linen from! They have the best linen at the best price along with the most amazing customer service! Thank you! See more at !

Posted by Savanah

Absolutely in love with this chocolate brown. I buy all my linen from fabrics-store for making all of my SCA Viking garb. The linen is the most amazing quality for the price I have been able to find and is always very true to color swatch. The trousers featured are created from the 4C22 Heavy Weight Black linen. I love that you can order swatches as well. It is very soft yet sturdy and durable and does not fade after many washes. Also, if you have an account you can rack up credit points and if you wait for a sale it's definitely a bonus! To see more of my Viking garb, check out my shop called Midgaarb! Instagram - Midgaarb Posted by Brittany

Posted by Brittany

Marisha Jacket SewTinaGivens

Posted by Tina

Posted by Teresa

This warm, rich Chocolate brown drapes beautifully for its weight and softness. Paired it with IL019 Bone White for a great summer look.

Posted by Teresa

Art block titled "when Pigs Fly" made with chocolate and rust all purpose linens. Appliqued flowers were made with the ravelings from the edges of the laundered linen fabrics I have been collecting here.

Posted by Sharon

Love working with linen!! The Chocolate linen is beautiful, I bought 4 yards on sale and made one table runner and 11 napkins.

Posted by Lauren

This dark brown linen softens amazingly and makes a delightfully versatile and light 18th century shortgown. Also pictured: apron (4C22 Natural), petticoat (4C22 Tawny Port)

Posted by Audrey

I love IL109. It is the perfect weight and wonderful quality for my slacks. I have ordered about 15 different colors from y'all through the years to make my slacks. I get more compliments on them and they ask where can I get that linen. I give out your website. I live in the deep South and wear linen about 9 months of the year. Wrinkles do not bother me. I always feel I can dress up or down with linen on. It just depends on the jewelry and shoes you put on!

Posted by Judy k.

Colonial petticoat made for hearth cook apprentice, young Grace. 100% linen is one of the safest materials for hearth cooking.

Posted by Sarah

This weight fabric is perfect for a basic, mid 18th century middling class woman's English gown. I've made these gowns in blue, brown, red and green. They wash wonderful and soften beautifully.

Posted by Kimberly

I use this chocolate brown for patchwork wine bags. Its beautiful.

Posted by Kay

Posted by Jennifer

chocolate linen cap with wavy front panel

Posted by Jennifer

I agree with the above post - linen is ideal, along with silk and tencel, for baby slings. The natural fabrics have strong fibers and breathability that lends itself for babywearing in any season! Here the refined chocolate linen is paired with a perky print for a whole new look!

Posted by Rebecca