Lily — Linen Dress, Tunic, Blouse and Skirt

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The Lily sewing pattern collection, includes those easy, attractive, pulled-together pieces you've always dreamed of. With deep pockets, dropped shoulder design and 3/4 sleeves that cover your elbows, Lily is that perfect outfit for wearing at home in the kitchen or outdoors while you're gardening! Pick between a Pullover Dress, Tunic, Blouse or Skirt, wear it loose or cinched with a belt, and you're ready to be on the move!

What you get with your pattern:

- 1:1 fit and pattern consultation with our in-house pattern maker and fit expert.
- The latest in sizing. We use up-to-date technology and body shape data to get you a better fit.
- Professional clothing construction techniques. Developed by industry insiders with 100 years of shared experience.
- Illustrated instructional booklet to get you from start to finish. Written with the beginner in mind.
- Comes printed on crease-free, rolled plotting paper. Professional quality.
- Your pattern comes with only the sizes you requested printed in vibrant colors. Less clutter for easier cutting.
- Complimentary pattern storage tube and pattern hook.
- Pattern card for easy reference.
- Sew for your business? The pattern license is free with purchase.

Pattern specifications:

Type: Paper Pattern
Design Variations: 4
Sizes: 2 to 8, 10 to 16, 18 to 24
Illustrations: Yes
Instructions: Yes

Paper Pattern

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Second Thoughts on the Blouse
Reviewer: Danuta

I was very happy with the blouse until I tried to actually wear it. My measurements fit the size 6. But, since the bottom of the armscye is quite low (bust level) and my elbow catches the sleeve cuff, whenever I bend back my elbows a little, it tugs across the front placket. Just not comfortable. I could stitch the placket together toward the bottom for modesty, but the awkward tugging feeling will still be there. Luckily I didn't use amazing fabric, but still I enjoyed all the details in the blouse and am sad that I won't be wearing the blouse. However I am wearing the skirt a lot!

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hello, I'm sorry you didn't enjoy the fit of the Blouse. All of our premium patterns come with complimentary fit advice which can include assistance with pattern adjustment. It's also advisable with all patterns to create a trial to check the fit and make adjustments to suit your personal preferences and body shape. What may suit one person with the same body measurements may not suit you. For this reason, we decided to offer the fit advice to help seamstresses discover their repertoire of adjustments to help them make a truly personalised and unique item of clothing, that fits your body :)

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Well described, care given to details
Reviewer: Danuta

Overall, the printed instruction plus this tutorial are very clear! (Especially helpful when making the pockets and the blouse.) I thoroughly enjoy new ways to make pockets and plackets. Love this pattern with details well designed. However there are a few places where they conflict with each other. The tie belt pattern piece says to cut 2, and this tutorial also uses both pieces. But the printed instructions only uses one piece of tie belt. If I had looked more closely to this tutorial, I'd have noticed that the belt is wrapped around the model's waist twice. Oh well, my using only one piece for the tie is long enough to go around once and hang some. I made the blouse and the skirt. The photo in the printed booklet shows skirt belt loops as does the drawing, but the written instructions tell us that the skirt does not have belt loops; however, the pattern layout for cutting does show belt loops to be cut. Lastly, the pattern piece for belt loops says to cut 3. I learned that I only needed to cut one and that that piece (as shown in this tutorial) is then cut into thirds. Veryhappy with my skirt!

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Struggling with the pockets
Reviewer: Patricia

Thanks, Lauren! The tutorial helps a lot!

FS Team profile image F|S Team

I'm so glad :) If you still have questions feel free to email me;

review star review star review star review star review star
Struggling with the pockets
Reviewer: Patricia

I love the design but, the pockets on the skirt/dress are a nightmare! Am I the only one struggling with those pockets?

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hello! We have a Sew-Along on our blog, which has step by step tutorials for sewing the Lily Dress ( and pockets) Here is the link: I will send you an email too.

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Lily is waiting
Reviewer: Jojo

I received the Lily pattern and free 3yd of beautiful soft linen. The pattern looks amazing, and thank you for shipping all of it rolled on a tube. No trying to fold and unfold all the pattern pieces and trying to insert them in a much too small envelope. The fabric arrived nice and smooth and feels so soft. Sadly I am presently washing walls so Lily will have to wait patiently rolled in a nice position, protected in her box for now. Thank you for an incredible offer.

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Finally starting this project
Reviewer: Judith

I have the pattern pieces but need some sewing and yardage instructions. Can you direct me to where they are available?

FS Team profile image F|S Team

Hi! I am sending you an email now - please look for me in your inbox oksana

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roll it up!
Reviewer: wynne

No more folding and stuffing into a tiny envelope

review star review star review star review star review star
Fantastic skirt
Reviewer: Barbie

After making the Lily skirt in ginger I wore it to the Kingdom Hall. To my surprise my hubby went around telling all our friends how proud he was of me for making my own clothes and doing a great job. Who knew he felt that way? Needless to say I got buckets full of compliments and people asking me where I got my linen. So easy to sew and look good in! Mission accomplished.

LILY dress - inspired by traditional shirtdresses, this pullover dress features a button placket, side slits and has a modest length of approximately 51" from the shoulder. It has a loose-fitting silhouette that can be tied at the waist with a belt. Made in IL019 Wildcherry 100% Linen. Tutorial with sewing steps can be found here:

Posted by Rima

This is one of the first patterns I used from your company to make this lovely tunic (Lily pattern). Although I made many errors, I was able to recover from them and the fabric was very forgiving. I used IL019 Kenya

Posted by Josette

The instructions are clear and easy to understand. Everything from fabric cutting tips to the step-by-step guide was perfectly demonstrated in the detailed graphics. I didn't need to make any alterations because the design is a looser fit so sizing is a bit easier to decide on. The size I chose worked perfectly for my body and if I decide I want to have a slimmer fit, I'll choose to do one size smaller for my next version. This LILY Blouse is made with IL019 Red Ochre linen

Posted by Brooke

I did make 4 adjustments to my pattern. The size of the dress, sleeve and cuff. I made mine two sizes up so it had an oversize look. The sleeve cuff (U) I did not fold in half, I left it it's entire length and added the interfacing still and lined it. So the cuff's length would be longer (after sewn 6 1/4″) I also did not do the pleat on the sleeve and gathered it instead to fit the cuff opening. This gave both the sleeve and cuff a flair. I also changed the position of my buttons, I only did one button each sleeve and added it to the end of the sleeve placket instead of on the actual cuff so that the cuff could remain open.

Posted by Warlene
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