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Great place for pure linen fabric. Samples, sales and discounts.

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"This is just a pillow case out of adobe an Graphite softened linen. My son picked the colors for his house. I love the two together. I'm waiting for my new 10 yard order of Graphite to make matching duvet cover. Very handsome in his room."

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Teri site rating 1 year ago
Lovely!! Has anyone made bed sheets??

Therese site rating 1 year ago
Beautiful choice of colors and great job Kathleen.

Laura site rating 1 year ago
Beautiful! Has anyone made a fitted bottom sheet for a double bed?

Kathleen site rating 2 years ago
I made the duvet cover and it turned out great. I was so loving his that I made a natural duvet for me and matching solid pillow cases, plus I made white pillow cases. I love my bedroom. So fun to snuggle under all that linen.

Dee site rating 2 years ago
Your son did a super job with his color choices! Love it!

JoAnne site rating 2 years ago
Beautiful! I love the adobe, and it looks great with the graphite. I just made pillow cases out of mustard and autumn gold. waiting on my order to make a duvet cover also! Good luck with yours!

Paula site rating 2 years ago

I like the grey stripe. It calms the orange. Fun!