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Window Curtains
This curtain is no ordinary curtain. Many times people want to have colored curtains on their widows, but that means that the color on the side that faces the window will quickly fade and end up looking old. Well this is why this curtain is special: it’s white on the side that faces the window and any color you want to face your bedroom. Details»

How the linen that we love came to be what it is.
By Oksana Karpushin
We already had the wonderful opportunity to begin discussing linen history from the period that stands out as the oldest and most significant, Ancient Egypt. But linen plays a significant role not only in Ancient Egypt. In fact Asian tradesmen start to mention Slavic linen production as far back as 2000BC. At that time flax was mainly used to manufacture sailcloth, fishnets and mainly for flax oil, but this is just the beginning. More»

Biblical Accounts of Linen and Flax Seed
Deborah J Greenhill, ND, PhD
The use of linen goes back to the earliest of times. Its use had been so widespread, that it cannot be determined where it was invented for use as clothing and medicine.
In the Bible, the word 'linen' occurs 104 times in 90 verses, and the word 'flax' occurs 11 times in 10 verses. Flax is the plant that is processed to make linen.

From Fabric to Fabulous in three easy steps
By Kass McGann of Reconstructing History
Ever wonder why some people's historical clothing fits like a glove and the rest of us look like unmade beds? Wonder where they got their patterns? Or who their seamstress is? Chances are their seamstress is themselves and they just know a few things we don't. Well, I'm here to give away their secrets. This month, I'll teach you how to make a garment that's unique to your size and shape. We're going to learn to drape. More»

Nicole AllisonThe Fear of Color
By Nicole Allison
After a long morning with your kids you finally settle down during nap time in your most comfortable chair and turn on your favorite decorating show. Yes, you are doing this for a few reasons. Mindless television is what your body needs to relax sometimes. And decorating shows tend to stir one's creative juices from time to time. You may not want to construct the four poster canopy bed that was made on the decorating show that day, but your mind is churning with a new creative perspective. More»

How Linen Adds to your Garment's Value
By Lynda Criswell
Think lindacriswellone a linen collar on a plain blouse. Could you add machine embroidery? A design on the collar points or an overall edging design adds instant appeal. You could use your machine scallop stitch for the outer edge of a collar or a hem, trim, and you have a custom design. You could even stitch the collar and facing wrong sides together to reduce bulk before stitching the scallops, because you are going to trim outside the scallop. This is faster and produces a flatter collar. More»

Are you a guru when it comes to linen? Then we need you!
Do you spend days finding new ways of using fabrics? Are you an addict to linen, and you know everything about it? Well then we need you! If you consider yourself a guru when it comes to linen, and you want share your knowledge with people world wide, then sign up and you can start getting paid for doing something you love, all without leaving your seat. More»

How to Make an Historic Shirt in Lovely Linen
By Kass McGann of Reconstructing History
Hot on the heels of the flowing garments of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance ushered in the Golden Age of the tailor's art. Clothing took on impossible shapes and radical forms, all controlled by the skill of these manipulators of fabric. Doublets were padded. Bodices were boned. The human form was hidden by what can most accurately be termed "textile architecture." More»

If you're a member of Fabrics-store then you're a member of the CWM reward program.
Haven't you heard? The new CWM reward program has been running since May 16 and if you've made a purchase since then, then you already have points. These points can be transferred to credits at allowing you to get discounts and great deals on your next purchase. More»

Renaissance Pleasure Fair.
By Peter Karpushin
Welcome Lords and Ladies to the Renaissance Fair!', the magical words that everyone hears as they enter through the main gates. The Renaissance Fair is literally a portal back into the medieval times, where romance and chivalry are abound, a place where people take pride in their craft and trade. From food to games, the Renaissance Fair has it all, a magical place where time has frozen and jousting and sword fighting still exist. More»

Kass McGann The importance of using the correct fabric for historical clothing
By Kass McGann of Reconstructing History
Like many historical reenactors, when I started in this hobby, the clothing I wore was just the means to an end. We have to wear correct historical clothing in order to participate in our hobby. It's our uniform, just like footballers wear shoulder pads and helmets and baseball players wear cleats and caps. It's also important for us to wear the right uniform for the occasion. You can't show up at the Battle of Hastings wearing jeans and a T-shirt and expect to look like a Norman knight. More»

Linen in Ancient Egypt.
Between the years of 10,000 to 6000BC, the Sahara was nurturing quite a different landscape to what we would expect to see today. During the wet phase that existed at the time, the desert was transformed into a lush environment of juniper and pine woodlands divided by streaks of flowing rivers, the most essential of which, was of course the Nile. More»

Having a hard time matching the colors? Not any more! Colors can enhance, change or just represent our moods. Bright colors can warm our hearts just like a kind smile. Pastels can brighten even more an already sunny day while bringing tranquility with their subtle shades. The earthly tones underline the already present peaceful beauty of nature.More»


Laura's Costume Closet.
This is a slightly different sort of letter then our usual Thought, but I think that it will be just as interesting and probably even more entertaining. One of our clients had raised so much curiosity in our offices that we had to have an interview with her. After the interview although the curiosity had been fulfilled, the amazement grew through the roof so I just had to share this wonderful story with the rest of you. The person I am speaking of is a very talented costume designer and a great seamstress. She is in the process of making costumes for a Cinderella production, but I am going to stop talking now and not narrate the whole interview. More»

Decorative pillow sham-dual colour
Decorative pillow
Linen Duvet Cover
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Window Curtains
Window Curtains


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