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 Re-enactment Costumes  

How to Make an Historic Shirt in Lovely Linen
Hot on the heels of the flowing garments of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance ushered in the Golden Age of the tailor's art. Clothing took on impossible shapes and radical forms, all controlled by the skill of these manipulators of fabric. Doublets were padded. Bodices were boned. The human form was hidden by what can most accurately be termed "textile architecture." More»

Kass McGann Renaissance Pleasure Faire.
by Peter Karpushin
Welcome Lords and Ladies to the Renaissance Faire!', the magical words that everyone hears as they enter through the main gates. The Renaissance Faire is literally a portal back into the medieval times, where romance and chivalry are abound, a place where people take pride in their craft and trade. From food to games, the Renaissance Faire has it all, a magical place where time has frozen and jousting and sword fighting still exist. More»

The importance of using the correct fabric for historical clothing
by Kass McGann of Reconstructing History
Like many historical reenactors, when I started in this hobby, the clothing I wore was just the means to an end. We have to wear correct historical clothing in order to participate in our hobby. It's our uniform, just like footballers wear shoulder pads and helmets and baseball players wear cleats and caps. It's also important for us to wear the right uniform for the occasion. You can't show up at the Battle of Hastings wearing jeans and a T-shirt and expect to look like a Norman knight. More»



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