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Art Linen:

     A plain weave linen, or cotton/linen fabric made of round, smooth yarns that have not been calendered or pressed. Linen yarns are made of line or tow flax. There are glossary the same number of yarns in a warp and filling. The fabric may be unbleached, semi- bleached, fully- bleached or dyed. The unbleached fabric carries a characteristic of 'harsh feel' linen, while the bleached, or semi-bleached fabric is textually, rather softer. Also called: Embroidery Crash/Embroidery Linen. USE: Embroidery work for table- cloths, doilies, pillow- cases, etc.


Bandle Linen:

A coarse, narrow plain weave linen made in homes of South Ireland, since glossary 1760. glossary 2 ft wide (equals to the bandle, an Irish measure)


Butcher Linen:

1. Strong, heavy, plain weave, bleached linen fabric used for aprons, table linen, etc. Later made of cotton. 2. A plain weave, spun rayon; rayon and cotton dress resembling linen. The yarn is spun of uneven thickness to stimulate linen. When made of fibres other than linen the term is a misnomer; present trade termin is: Butcher Cloth.


Diaper and Diaper Cloth:

1. A soft, absorbent fabric used for diapers, it may be made in a bird's eye weave, plain weave cotton flannel, twill, double plain, knit. When made of linen, in a small diamond pattern, it is called: Diaper Linen. 2. A grade of damask linen made in Ireland.


Handkerchief Linen:

A fine, sheer linen fabric. USE: Handkerchiefs, infants' wear, lingerie, neckwear and dresses


Irish Linen:

Apparel, handkerchief and domestic linens, which come from Ireland, principally North Ireland


Spun Linen:

A term used to designate the finest hand-woven linens USE: neckwear and hand.


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