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100% Linen - Middle Weight (5.3 oz/yd2)
Price: $8.41 per yard

At a medium weight of 5.3 ounces, this 100% linen is versatile enough to be referred to as an All Purpose or Do it All linen. With its smooth look and tighter weave, this linen is neither sheer or heavy, but just the right in-between weight you will need for a variety of projects.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL019 - Multi Purpose
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp :17.9
Thread size weft :17.9
Thread count warp :46
Thread count weft :37
Weight : 5.3 oz/yd2.
Width : 57 inch
Qty. in yards :

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Reviewer: Helen
I have not yet had the opportunity to make up my window treatments with this , but when I used this weight in a different color, It turned out great! Looking forward to sewing this up soon!
  Bleached linen
Reviewer: peg
I purchased this product as a trial to make linen handkerchiefs for my hubby. He recently purchased a pack of cotton, only to find that after 2-3 washings they were developing holes. Quote,"I wish I could find linen hankies like I used to have." So off to Fabric store to order a piece I could test. I am serging the edges and then turning this as a hem. Washing only softens so far and no holes. Thanks
  Fabulous Fabris
Reviewer: Julia
Just bought a 20 yard bolt. So many uses for bleached linen at this weight and, curtains. You can´t go wrong.
  Best fabric
Reviewer: Anonymous
I like that fabric very macth
  So easy to use!
Reviewer: Anna
I intentionally shrank mine in the wash, so that I wouldn´t have surprises later. I laid it flat to dry, and then ironed before cutting out my pattern. It was easy to do the rolled seams on the neckline of my tunic top (see picture gallery) because the linen will crease by hand, and I barely needed to pin it! As a finished garment it has a great textured look, although I DO need to wear skin-coloured undergarments. It´s so comfortable on hot days!
  Easy To Work With
Reviewer: Susanna J
My bleached linen is turning into dressy dinner napkins; large and hemmed with entredeux. The linen takes a light starching very well and does not stink under a hot iron. I use a #50 cotton thread in pastel shades with a #19 wing needle. This linen floats through the operation without stalling or bunching or otherwise frustrating me. I have enough linen for a lovely, dreamy blouse but it´s 10 degrees outside so that will have to wait.
  Love this fabric!
Reviewer: Sherry
This was my first order and exactly what I wanted! The color is rich and the quality of the linen is superb! I´m using it to make machine embroidered pillows. Customer service is amazing!!!! So glad I found your shop!
  Splendid color, not nearly as bright as the thumbnail
Reviewer: Athena
WONDERFUL white: not a true ´modern´ bleached white nor a cream, ´Bleached´ seems like a white color that might have been common a few hundred years ago. Perfectly acceptable as a white but much softer in color-value than the thumbnail portrays (& easily softened in texture with a couple of trips through the washer & dryer - no pampering needed either, this is excellently sturdy stuff!). I´ve made a bunch of bread-bags & kitchen toweling this time around (11/2014) & will probably use this for summertime nightgowns & petticoats next year when the seasons change.
  LOVE this!!
Reviewer: Kay
I am in LOVE with this linen!! I purchased some for dinner napkins (for my daughter´s b´day) and some for a skirt for myself. The prewashing made them SOOO soft. I´ve made the napkins. Oh.My.Goodness. It sewed up beautifully!! I made them on the large side (21" square) and there´s no way I could have purchased nicer linen napkins anywhere. Now I can hardly wait until I (have the time to) make my blue linen skirt!!
  My favorite fabric!
Reviewer: Rose
IL19 has become one of my favorite fabrics to work with. It is incredibly easy to sew, is soft yet has body to it. I love it so much that I´m planning to make airy, white drapes with my latest stash.
  First time linen user
Reviewer: Christine
I´ve been trying new projects this year and I stumbled across this site in my search for new things to try. I decided to try hand towels from this linen and I love them! The linen softened beautifully after two washings and feels expensive!I love this linen and it was very easy to use. I plan on ordering more for future projects!
  Great stuff!
Reviewer: Christina
This is the ´go-to´ linen in our house! We do historical re-creating, and this keeps us looking good and nice and cool.
Reviewer: Helen
What a lovely crisp almost blue white. Makes beautiful pillow slips.
  Nice fabric BUT not pure white.
Reviewer: Carolyn
Wonderful fabric, BUT BE AWARE it´s not "snow white" in colour, more of an off-white. Stiff upon arrival, but will soften after washing a few times - you should pre-wash before projects anyway :) I will use for 14th century undergarments that won´t be seen often, but will try another "white" next time. Maybe "optic" white will be more of a pure white.
  Beautiful linen
Reviewer: Beth
I bought this fabric to try on a special and it is everything it says and more. I am making pieces with it that have embroidery and it handles nicely in the hoop/Qsnaps. I plan to try it with wool crewel work in the future. Thanks so much!
  Yellow & Stiff
Reviewer: Anonymous
I bought this fabric because of a promotion. UGH! It is yellow, not white, has a very stiff hand and looks like a linen poly blend. This is not quality fabric.
  Fabric for Handworked Holy Communion Linens
Reviewer: Sally
I was given 2 small pieces of this fabric (the shipping label was still with the fabric when I received it). After softening by several hot water washings, I made it into veils for the chalice and paten, 2 towels for the priest and napkins for the Holy Communion bread. These items were embellished with hemstitching, drawn thread or Ruskin work and Montmellick style embroidery. It had just enough body to make embroidery easy and just enough softness to make drawing out the threads for the Ruskin and hemstitching work easy. I highly recommend this fabric as a beautiful, easy to work and an affordable fabric for communion and altar linens. I am working on a fair linen embellishment design and I will recommend the purchase of this fabric to my customer.
  Wonderful fabric!
Reviewer: dianne
I used my last purchase of this fabric to make pillowcases and large hand towels as wedding gifts. The bride does period reinactment and these items will be used both in her home and at events.This fabric made a lavish gift at a very reasonable cost. Thank goodness I saved enough to make pillowcases for our home! These wash well and are wonderful to sleep on. Dianne
  Just feels good!
Reviewer: Julie
IL019 takes dye beautifully and is just an all-around excellent fabric, being both versatile and economical. Sleeping under my new duvet cover, I just want to keep touching the fabric. It isn´t super-soft, but it has a pleasing texture that makes my skin happy! Somehow it feels better than plush synthetics.
  For SCA rapier armor...
Reviewer: Dan works pretty well. Two layers *just* pass the drop test, so I made a simple Viking-style overtunic out of 3 layers for my armor. It is a bit stiff but seems to get better with washing.
  Beautiful fabric
Reviewer: Jocelyn
WOW!! This is a gorgeous fabric with a wonderful texture. I am using it to make draperies, and it hangs beautifully on the rod. The color is not a stark white, so it is softer looking against the walls. I love this fabric. I will definitely be back to order more. Really gorgeous stuff. Thank you very much!
  Beautiful midweight linen
Reviewer: Anonymous
IL019 is a midweight linen that arrives with a crisp hand before washing. It softens with washing and age. I machine wash and dry all my linen. This is heavier than ILO20. I successfully used it to make a pioneer reenactor dress (1845 Godeys) for my daughter. I made it in brick pink which seems to be no longer available. What a beautiful color. IL019 fabric sews easily. It holds pleats well. It is suitable for dresses, blouses, and skirts. It is sheer enough that a slip may be necessary. I would hesitate to make it into a suit, but I could see making a casual summer jacket from it. It is somewhat light for pants unless lined or using a darker color, but I prefer a heavier fabric (6 oz plus) for bottom weights. I will buy this again.
Reviewer: Kelly
I wasnt sure about ordering linen online, I was afraid it would be limp or not have the body I wanted... but this fabric is even better than I hoped! I washed it in hot water and threw it in a hot dryer and it came out still slightly crisp, just perfect! Thanks, I will definitely be ordering more :)
  nice fabric
Reviewer: Anonymous
Great, lightweight fabric; not \
  beautiful fabric
Reviewer: Anonymous
I ordered a few yards to see if I liked it. I am very impressed. It is very versitile and has a nice \\\\feel\
  Ultimate versatility and value
Reviewer: Catherine
This is the fourth time I\'ve re-ordered this fabric this summer. This time, I\'m ordering a 20-yard bolt. I wash this fabric, then dye it using procion MX fabric dyes. The fabric is strong, takes color beautifully, and takes a lot of processing while still maintaining its soft hand. It washes to a soft rumpled look that I make into dresses, blouses, jackets and pants. All this for less than $6 a yard, and it\'s 59 inches wide too! This is my ultimate value/versatility fabric! I LOVE THIS FABRIC!


This elegant white dress was made from IL019
Posted by Laurel

Posted by Takako

Posted by Takako

Linen ' Michèle' Shirt / by Breathe Clothing Ms Beth Peterson Designer/Owner - BREATHE CLOTHING LLC BREATHE Clothing: BREATHE-AGAIN (Recycled) Clothing: BREATHE FaceBook:
Posted by Beth

Posted by Takako

Indigo shibori dyed
Posted by Takako

A simple tunic top. Note that it is transparent enough to show undergarments unless they are skin-coloured.
Posted by Anna

"Dresden Plates" on linen quilt.
Posted by Ronda

Love this linen!!! I make balloon curtains for my Etsy shop and I used the medium weight for this curtain. I added ruffles made of bleached muslin. It turned out so pretty!! You can see it here:
Posted by Linda

Summer Wrap Top by
Posted by Takara

Once again I used Linen fabric to make many Altar Lines such as the Corporals pictured. The sewing process is easy as the machine just glides along; once ironed the linen is beautifully presented. There is no need for spray starch. I am very happy with the results. Thank you for such a versatile fabric.
Posted by Lillian

The fabric gathers nicely, and showcases an old crocheted doily. The fabric wrinkles softly and looks lovely. Mary
Posted by Mary

A gambeson made in the style of the 14th century.
Posted by Lukas

This is an Elizabethan era linen shirt, modeled after the linen shirt, from the Uppsala Cathedral Museum, Sweden, which was worn by Nils Sture, when he was murdered on 24 May 1567, as detailed in Janet Arnold's "Patterns of Fashion 4". This wonderful linen was the perfect weight for this piece, and was so easy to work with. The shirt is entirely stitched by hand with linen thread. I could not be more pleased with the end result. I use this linen frequently for historical re-enactment costumes, and will certainly buy more of it in the future.
Posted by Gina L.

I LOVE working with your linen. I told my friend that working with this linen is a sensual experience. It's true! It is slightly see through and soft, yet full bodied. When ironed the fabric just crisps right up. It feels good, looks good.

The groomsmen are active in the SCA and the Renaissance Fairs. Curt asked me if I would sew for him. His wife said to me, "He really likes the shirt you made him. He likes the quality of the fabric." I was pretty amazed that he would notice.

I said, "I will sew for friends." With wide eyes he said, "Am I your friend!?" "Yes", I told him, "you are now."
Posted by Mary

I made 7 underdresses and 7 full sleeved mens'shirts out of IL019 , which you can see at the left. The sleeves keep their full flounce and do not droop. It is light enough to wear under layers. You have to be a bit careful cutting it out, you have to be sure the fabric is laying square.

I also tried the heavy weight 4C22 - Bortovka for two skirts and was very happy with how the skirts hang in full folds. I made darts at the waist that were then tacked to the waist from the tip of the dart. One girlfriend really likes how she can saunter and dip with her beautiful linen skirt.
Posted by Mary

This piece is a historically made (handsewn) men's 18th century shirt, worn under garments, uniforms etc. If you would like one of your own or any other 18th century garments check out my website here.
Posted by Rachel

This is based on a dress from around 1912. We were invited to a themed wedding and I made it for my daughter. I love that I can wash and press the dress and it doesn't have to go to the cleaners. The feel of it and how well it breathes are perfect for an active 3.5 year old. It was worth every minute I spent making it. People stopped us on the street to compliment and take photos of her.- Amy
Posted by Amy

Detail, duvet cover side 2
Posted by Julie

Tie-dyed duvet cover, reverse side
Posted by Julie

Tie-dyed duvet cover
Posted by Julie

This is the 5.3 weight. I have made many kitchen and bath towels for Christmas with this linen. Today I ordered two large wing needles to give the hem-stitching look.
Posted by Katherine

Tea towel by Mrs. Smith
Posted by Mrs.

Another creation of Kositas By Ixa, this romper set is handmade exclusively by our company. This set is made using 100% white linen and yellow accents. If you like to see more details of this and many other dresses and accesories just visit our website: If you need more information or for inquiries you me at:
Posted by Ixaivia

Another machine embroidered doily. My friend really likes red! Again, the linen is a great back-drop! Posted by Mrs. Smith
Posted by Mrs.

Here is an example of how well this linen takes machine embroidery. The detail is exquisite, and made a special birthday gift. Posted by Mrs. Smith
Posted by Mrs.

A SMALLER PICTURE!! Using designs from, as well as my own drawings on my Janome sewing machine, I created these tea towels for my special friends who appreciate such old fashioned customs. The medium weight white linen received the embroidery positively beautifully! I highly recommend the fabric - the nubbs are quite fitting for a good linen. To me it says it is truly 100% Linen. Posted by Mrs. Smith
Posted by Mrs.

Using designs from, as well as my own drawings on my Janome sewing machine, I created these tea towels for my special friends who appreciate such old fashioned customs. The medium weight white linen received the embroidery positively beautifully! I highly recommend the fabric - the nubbs are quite fitting for a good linen. To me it says it is truly 100% Linen.
Posted by Mrs.

Medieval surcoat and tunic made of IL019 white linen (4 yds). Took to RIT dye quickly. Many more to make since I purchased the 20 yard bolt. Thank you.
Posted by Diana

Made with IL019, prewashed/preshrunk. Pattern based on c. 1585-1600 shirt in the Bath Museum of Costume.
Posted by Amy

Posted by Nikolai

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