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100% Linen - Sheer Weight (2.8 oz/yd2)
Price: $9.21 per yard

The beautiful open weave texture of this linen gives it a light, airy opaque look, making it an excellent choice for apparel, intimate apparel, accessories, interior design projects and so much more.

Fabric specifications:

Article : IL030 - Gauze
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp :34.5
Thread size weft :30
Thread count warp :38
Thread count weft :40
Weight : 2.8 oz/yd2.
Width : 57 inch
Qty. in yards :

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  light semi-sheer linen
Reviewer: Kristin
I don´t know how anyone could describe this as "cheesecloth". It´s fairly closely woven, although it´s not opaque enough for a single layer to be worn by itself. I made a 14th century shift, veil and wimple and it had the usual linen ease of working and nice drape. Threads pulled from the fabric individually were not sturdy enough for me to use for handsewing hems, unlike the IL019, but using regular all-purpose thread I had a very easy time picking out tiny hemstitches in the weave and they hold securely. I wouldn´t exactly call it soft, at least not yet (3 washings) but it´s very smooth and molds beautifully to the body with wear. I´m not worried at all about the extra layers making me overheat.
  Summer pinnie
Reviewer: Elizabeth
Three years ago I ordered some of this linen gauze to make a sleeveless jumper to wear over some linen dresses I was gifted that are rather plain and straight. It required several prewashes with serged raw edges to get rid of the lint. Once it was cut out, I used some batiste to make the bias bindings for the armhole and neck bindings. I sewed french seams with two rows of narrow zigzag for the first step to keep the seams from ripping or fraying. Using the serger for the first pass seemed too heavy to me, but it would probably work with the darker colors. I literally wore my jumper/pinafore every week for three years and washed it in warm water with Oxyclean to keep it white. The random tucks I made at the bottom didn´t have any type of reinforcement to the stitching, so one of them came unstitched. I will repair it asap, trying silk thread and surgical knots as an experiment. A gorgeous, airy fabric for hot, humid Louisiana weather.
  IL30 Gauze
Reviewer: Rose
This is the most gorgeous linen! It´s light and airy, but at the same time substantial. I´ve used it for apparel, table linens, etc. The fabric is cool to wear and a joy on which to sew. I love it!
  Reviewer "Michelle" was right
Reviewer: Anonymous
I took another reviewer´s recommendations, and made a nightgown out of this very light linen. It worked beautifully, and is the lightest, most comfortable gown ever. All linen releases lint during that initial washing and drying. The best ways I´ve found to control it, on this or any other linen fabric, are (1) zigzag the raw edges before prewashing and drying the fabric, and (2) finish all seams (e.g. French seams. This makes for a beautifully finished look to the piece. Also, I agree that, after the garment is finished, air drying is the best way to go. It doesn´t take long with such a light and airy fabric.
  Wonderful sleepwear
Reviewer: Michelle
I reviewed this linen quite a while ago, but have done MORE with it, so would like to review it again. I had made myself several nightgowns out of the IL020 weight and really liked them. I made a night gown out this IL030 and put it aside for next summer. The weather has turned warm again, so, I took it out to use. Wonderful! My loosely fitted gown is like wearing "air"! I plan to make several more. I pre-wash my linen by soaking in a sink or basin. This shrinks it, but does not "rough it up". It also leaves some of the original sizing in, making it easier to handle for cutting and sewing. I air-dry my linens- I read somewhere that linen should not be put in a dryer. I like to hand sew, and this linen works just fine. I plan to make many more nightgowns, camisoles and slips, and summer blouses with this great fabric.
  Perfect for Summer
Reviewer: Elizabeth D
I was a bit reticent about how to handle this fabric. So I collected some Doggie Bag pieces over a period, added to purchases of other pieces of linen. One day I found I had enough to do something with and needed to try it out. Frankly I don´t wear white that well, so I had some other scrapes of linen, a little Fog Green and a little Meadow (blue-ish) so I bit the bullet and grabbed a pattern. It is lovely sheer fabric and feels delicate, so I made a long shirt/cover-up type garment. I used the light green for a shoulder yoke and band collar and the pale blue for the button band down the front. I still had some colorful scraps, so I made sleeves tabs of the blue and made 2 upper and 2 lower pockets mixing the colors. Because it´s long I put light weight elastic in the waist to hold in some of the volume. I am delighted with it! The soft feel of it on a hot day is comfort it´s self. It has sleeves to keep some of the sun off, but is still cool when it´s hot. I´m glad there are more colors now, I´m itching to try some others!
  Love it
Reviewer: Claudia
I sewed and washed first too. This fabric is lovely next to the skin.
  Heavy use after a few years
Reviewer: Kate
Hi! This is a second review, after many years of hard use of this fabric. It is a loose weave, gauzy fabric that has stood up SO WELL TO HEAVY USE. I initially made them as sun-shield fabric for my tent, and have changed to now using them as tablecloths nearly every weekend as a pottery merchant. They have been washed nearly weekly for the past year and have only become softer and more lovely, but just as sturdy. I don´t recommend it as any sort of a fitted garment fabric. Roman yes, underdress no.
Reviewer: Larry
MOST of the NO & 1 STAR reviews that drop the rating for this fabric are not correctly attributed. Total of these ratings is 11. 2 are negative, two are just questions. The rest, the majority are VERY POSITIVE reviews of at least a 4 or 5. Over all rating should be minimum a 4, more probably a 5.
  Lovely lightweight fabric
Reviewer: Megan
This is a lovely lightweight fabric that is a delight to sew with. It hand stitches beautifully and is easy to care for and irons up crisply. This is gauze, and has a loose weave, so is not the best for doing things like satin stitch on. I would recommend this for veils and chemises/camica/camisoles.
  Linen gauze
Reviewer: Sheila
Am delighted with this fabric. I plan to use in a kimono type jacket which will be perfect for our climate. Plus it´s use for blouses and scarves will be phenomenal . I would also like to dye it
  IL030 Gauze
Reviewer: Karen
It says right on it that it is gauze. I purchase a lot of fabric from here and this is an elegant fabric for so many things. I had NO trouble with pilling or sloughing of fibers whatsoever. It is very transparent (gauze) and would make beautiful curtains, scarves, over blouse and so many other very classy items. I really can´t get enough of it!
Reviewer: Dixie
Love the look of this fabric! Rather translucent and perfect for the project I had in mind. Cannot wait to get started.
  A suggestion
Reviewer: Karen
I forgot to add that before washing, I ivercast the edges on my sewing machine - totally kept the shedding under control,
  Cannot imagine a softer linen
Reviewer: Karen
I have purchased this gauze twice - both times as the backing for a linen coverlet. Granted, each time I washed it several times with hottest water, longest cycle and just kept at it until little lint was shed, but it is so so soft and lovely. I dyed the first piece and it took the dye beautifully. Paired with the loose weave linen, it makes the most cozy throw, that everyone fights to get to first! I´m a about to purchase more to make a 3rd throw as a gift.
  Soft and light and a dream for chemises
Reviewer: Margareta
I had not bought this weight of linen before but was tempted by the discount. All of my chemises are made of cotton voile and this is sometimes not the right look for the style of my outer garments so I thought I would try this product. I have yet to make a chemise and and veil out of it but I showed the fabric to friends of mine who think it will be perfect and like it very much. I love linen because it wicks away moisture and feels lovely on. I am sure this weight will do the job I have planned for it.
  Love this linen!
Reviewer: Anonymous
Great for summer scarves, shawls and summer curtains. Irons nicely, sews nicely and wears beautifully as a scarf.
  Hated This fabric, Not historically accurate
Reviewer: Simone
I make Smocks to have for years, I have other linens that are see through, this is cheese cloth,DO NOT USE THIS for SCA or Faire clothing, you will regret it, it is not sturdy! It is not the tight weave needed for Smocks. The 3.5 is more like what you need for Smocks/Camisa/Hemds in period. I love the 5.3 for making my SCA tourney garb. This I use to make cheese with, I purchased it, when I thought it would make nice shirts for my sons. It has made many of my cooking things work.
  Perfect for 14th Century shift
Reviewer: Carolyn
Wonderfully light and airy for making a very thin shift/skin layer for under my 14th century dresses. Breathes, wicks sweat, and and is thin enough it doesn´t affect the fit of the main garments.
  Really awful
Reviewer: Deborah
This fabric is made of such short threads that after 6 months and hundreds of washings it is STILL full of pills and lint. If you can make something that will never ever ever ever be washed, go for it. Otherwise, run far far away.
Reviewer: Mirela
I´ve made curtains out of this and adore them! The weave is loose and see through when looking outside, but looking from the outside in, it offers privacy. Just amazing for curtains!
  Lovely if it ever stops fuzzing
Reviewer: Jean
IL030: I really want to love this linen. After 4 pre-washes and and a mountain of lint each time, the fabric is a lovely, soft, airy dream... but the lint flying everywhere is a nightmare. I order many times from here. I haven´t had this problem with other fabric-store linen.
  Lovely for Chemises!
Reviewer: Kathryn
This is one of my favorites for a next-to-skin layer. A couple of notes: 1) line your necklines to improve length of wear. 2) If you´re worried about the wobbliness of this fabric, pre-wash and then iron/starch it for cutting and sewing. It made a HUGE difference for me!
Reviewer: Bonnie
I used this for 16th c. chemises. Very light and comfortable for Florida weather, and kinda sexy. I had to line neck pieces and cuffs.
  Would this work for cafe curtains?
Reviewer: Barbara
Does anyone think this would work for cafe curtains? Or can you suggest something that will? Thanks
  Soft, beautiful, breezy!
Reviewer: Kate
I purchased this IL030 linen to make some sun-guards for my tent, to keep the people under the shadefly from the sun. The fabric breathes and moves easily, and takes MX dyes fantastically. The weave is very loose and see-through, perfect for my gauzy draping. I highly recommend!
  Lingerie, Heirloom sewing
Reviewer: Patricia
This fabric is absolutely sublime. I make hand and machine sewn lingerie and heirloom baby clothing. This light, airy linen is perfect for embroidery, tiny pin tucks, smocking, shadow embroidery. I dyed some a very pale sky blue, and found that it is made for dyeing, too. I just love it. I wish I could have 1,000 yards of it! I recommend this fabric highly. My next project will be an heirloom blouse for myself.
  Beautifully soft and drapes well
Reviewer: Janet
I wanted Linen to make scarves from, and this Linen was perfect for the project I had in mind. As it was a scarf and I did not have to worry about size I hemmed it first then washed and dried it. It softened beautifully. I then went through the process of tray dyeing it and I loved the outcome. I have never had any Linen from this site that I did not like and the price is very good even with the shipping to Australia.
  Colonial neck scarf
Reviewer: Ann
I used this material for a Colonial women´s cap and neck scarf and it drapes wonderfully for a neck scarf. I discovered by trial and error that this is the best weight for the scarf.
  Very lightweight
Reviewer: Raquel
I made an italian camisia with this linen. It is almost like cheesecloth, and not a very tight weave. I would defintely purchase a swatch before buying to make sure it´s right for your project. It is heavenly soft and light, like a feather. YOU MUST FINISH THE EDGES OF THE LINEN COMPLETELY BEFORE WASHING. Otherwise it will fuzz itself all over the fabric, and never be able to be picked off completely. It´s a nightmare.
Reviewer: Isabella
Michelle or others - do you think i could use this linen for a kaftan?
  Wonderful lightweight linen
Reviewer: Michelle
I used this lightweight, gauzy linen to make a mobcap and fichu for a costume. The items were nearly weightless and did not make me hot, as I had feared they might. I used YLI Heirloom thread in white, size 100 to hand-hem the items, and the stitches are really invisible. This would be a great fabric to combine with laces for collars, cuffs, and baby items. It would also be very effective for ruffles.


I'm using this to make sheer curtains that are pieced with a Korean style piecework. In the photo you can see the difference in opacity of the French seams compared to the fabric itself. I absolutely love it. Lotso lint. In washer and dryer. Had to filter the washer drain water so it wouldn't clog my plumbing. Extremely thin. Can't imagine a blouse out of this.
Posted by Midori

Vintage Inspired Linen Gauze 'Grace' Blouse / by Breathe Clothing BREATHE CLOTHING LLC BREATHE Clothing: BREATHE-AGAIN (Recycled) Clothing: BREATHE FaceBook:
Posted by Beth

My skeleton pirate costume October 2015. Nickel linen pants and black linen jerkin. So comfortable and easy to sew.
Posted by Debrah

Indigo shibori textiles, sheer magic ! Photo taken on Bainbridge Island, May 2015. Ok Alchemy Gallery, Seattle.
Posted by Elizabeth

I made a 15th century headdress based on a portrait of Mary of Burgundy. This is the embrodiered forehead cloth/coif that is part of that portrait. I used pearls instead of doing a full satin stitch and also couched down the long threads as the linen was too loose woven to hold the stithces I woudl have used originally. Full pics of it at
Posted by Megan

The headwrap is in IL030, embroidered with DMC floss. It's lovely stuff, feels good, and handles nicely! After the initial hot-wash-hot-dry, I've just handwashed it when needed, and it dries far more quickly than the cotton gauze ever did. I plan to get more for shifts under gowns.
Posted by Linda

Authentic SCA Romantic Sheer Linen Chemise I loved this fabric the moment I saw it. It made a perfect combination of texture and old world wrinkles for this chemise. My clients love it too. I sewed the piece first, and then washed it and twisted it to dry flat on a towel. The result was magical.
Posted by Elizabeth

Love it ! summer jacket
Posted by Irma

A tray dyed Linen scarf/shawl, beautifully soft!
Posted by Janet

An embroidered nightcap in progress on IL030 linen
Posted by Jennifer

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