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4C22 NATURAL Softened -
100% Linen - Heavy Weight (7.1 oz/yd2)
Price: $8.90 per yard

At a heavier weight of 7.1 ounces this 100% linen is referred to as Rustic due to its more textured look and feel. Durable and perfect for projects that require just a bit more substance.

Fabric specifications:

Article : 4C22 - Rustic - Bortovka
Content : 100% Linen
Type : BASIC
Thread size warp :11.6
Thread size weft :11.6
Thread count warp :38
Thread count weft :32
Weight : 7.1 oz/yd2.
Width : 57 inch
Qty. in yards :

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  Great natural fabric
Reviewer: Karen
When I received this fabric, I serged the cut edges and laundered it in hot water and dried it in the dryer, as suggested. It came out wonderfully soft. (If I had wanted it to remain crisp, I would have had it dry cleaned.) I haven´t worked with it yet, but I plan to do some hand embroidery to be framed(?), and there is enough left over to make a garment. The softness of the fabric will allow it to drape beautifully.
Reviewer: gretchen
I bought this weight for pants. Love the color!!
  Great texture
Reviewer: Denise
I´ve now used this for tablecloth, table runners, bread bags, face rags, a bedspread, but my favorite use so far is for camping bath towels...absorbant, dries fast with no towel smell and feels great.
  nice linen
Reviewer: Andrei
Apron made from 4C22 NATURAL, softened. Doesn´t feel to me as heavy weight. it is more like middleweight
  Wonderful Weight
Reviewer: Theresa
I´ve been using this fabric along with the lightweight bleached linen to make bread bags for holiday gifts. They are both divine to work with. The rustic washes up beautifully, softens and takes a pressing well. I am eyeing this weight for garments too. Great fall/winter pant weight, or a light lined jacket. I can find dozens of ways to use this lovely rustic linen. Great products and great customer service. I am a frequent buyer.
Reviewer: Karen
I´m not sure exactly what I expected from softened linen but I was a bit disappointed that it wasn´t a little softer after I washed it. I haven´t made anything with it yet- I´m thinking about a pair of pants. I´m hoping it softens a little more with repeated washing. Orher than that issue I think it is lovely fabric wirh a great color and weight. This was my first purchase from this outlet but I´ll be making more!
  All season color
Reviewer: Barbara
Natural, the plain ordinary color that doesn´t draw your attention towards the fabric. Simple color that wows you just because its Linen. Versatile fabric that makes you feel great. The wow factor on all colors here is what makes me a repeat customer. Cannot go wrong with Natural, create anything with this color, it will pop just because its extraordinary fabric.
  Awesome fabric....Awesome Customer Service
Reviewer: Susan
This is my absolute favorite linen from FS. It is perfect for both clothing and bedspreads, etc. I have an arsenal of this color and order more when it goes on sale. I have made an incredible duvet with luscious big wooden buttons..working on pillows with the same. I made a short jacket that ties in the front that i get multiple compliments...which lead me to make one in about 6 other FS linens. The fabrics are the best and the customer service is EXCEPTIONAL. I share their site with others all the time. I have had a few orders that would not go through, but when I called in the next day the MORE THAN HELPFUL CS ladies have always honored the sale and been so very helpful. They take our suggestions to heart. And I want to thank FS for offering the sales..especially the great 20% and sometimes 35% off. That helps senior citizens who love your linen! I am addicted....don´t go away...THANKS!!!!!!!!
  nice linen, shrinks a LOT
Reviewer: Kristin
I used this linen to make a coverlet that would be tucked in on all sides, so exact size wasn´t critical provided it had enough length to tuck in. Using other linens I´ve experienced minimal shrinkage, so I sewed up the coverlet before washing and left a lot of extra room for shrinkage (108" long when 90-92" was plenty). It shrunk lengthwise so much that it´s not long enough to tuck under the mattress in the direction I intended! That means it lost around 18" over three yards of length. Widthwise it didn´t shrink at all. The texture is lovely and it looks great but I think a warning that this linen shrinks a LOT more than, say, IL019, would have been appropriate.
  Rustic Duvet
Reviewer: Anonymous
When I first opened the box, right away I admired the beautiful color or the natural flax, but when I pulled it out I was disappointed about the texture. I even called to return it. The customer service is wonderful here. Very kind and more than happy to work with you, but with a little encouragement from my family (everyone loved the color) I decided to wash it and keep it. It´s extremely dirty (YIKES) I washed it 6X before the water started to be clear enough to see the fabric in the tub. It´s worth it! It´s more beautiful with every wash and even the texture is fluffier and has even more character than this sample picture could possibly display. It´s easy to sow. Needless to say, I was in heaven during this duvet project for my king size bed. It kept me busy and it´s a process, but no doubt a five star product.
  Couch slip cover
Reviewer: Amy
I used 4C22 Rustic Bortovka to make the fitted slip cover for our couch with an invisible zipper in the back seam. It washes and dries like a dream and was a joy to sew. It has been wearing like iron since 2009, washed I dont know how many times and still looks great.
  Great for embroidered pillows
Reviewer: Cynthia
Perfect for machine embroidery designs. It never puckers and is the perfect weight for pillows.


Posted by Takako

linen apron
Posted by Andrei

Natural linen made up into a baby keepsake book. These little gems are currently on sale on our site; Susie
Posted by susie

Works nicely on covered buttons.
Posted by Bethany

Slipcover made from 4C22 NATURAL, softened. It sews nicely, washes nicely too. It is comfortable and durable. Has a gray tint to it certain times of the day with bright sunlight. Looks a little more tan in lamp light. Beautiful!
Posted by Bethany

A $40.00 "Cuddle Chair" from the Salvation Army, 16 yards of 4C22 Natural Softened Linen, ten zippers, 6 buttons, and lots of fringe and you will end up with a thousand dollar chair! The linen met my great expectations. Can't wait to tackle my other living room furniture with new linen slip covers. It's beautiful and have had many compliments. It.s a pleasure to work with such an excellent store.
Posted by Mary

Great Fabric for my son's Machinist Apron!
Posted by Lisa

I'm on a mead making adventure, and this linen is perfect for protecting my mead-must from the ill effects of light.
Posted by Rosemary

Article : 4C22 - Rustic - Bortovka Fabric washes so great and wears so well. A dream to sew, slipcover has invisible zipper in the back seam.
Posted by Amy

Article : 4C22 - Rustic - Bortovka Made slipcover for our sleeper sofa
Posted by Amy

I made it with 4c22 natural linen.
Posted by Cynthia

Viking style tunic with celtic knot trim.
Posted by Jerry

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