Linen Wrap Dress

Linen Wrap Dress


A beautiful wrap dress graciously provided to us by the wonderful people at Please go and check out their site, and buy their amazing clothing because all funds go to a great cause.

Now on to this amazing wrap dress!

4 to 5 yards of IL019 Cobalt
2-3 yards approx. of double fold bias tape
Tailor’s chalk

Print out the pattern, matching and taping edges together. The pattern includes the front, back, pockets, and sleeve pieces. You will have to draw the skirt pieces yourself based on these measurements:


Start by pinning one side of the pocket piece to the back of the skirt, with wrong sides together, matching up the marks.


Sew along the side of the skirt piece. Do the same for the pocket piece, matching it onto the front skirt piece. Iron the pockets outwards, so the wrong side of the pocket folds over the seam allowance. Match the two pocket pieces and the seam allowance for the front and back skirt pieces together, and sew. This will sew the pocket and side of the skirt together all in one go.


Iron the seam allowance for the skirt and pocket towards the front skirt piece. Here’s what the pocket will look like once it’s sewn into the skirt:


Repeat for the other side of the skirt.

Sew the front of the skirt by folding the front, open edge over by 1/4″, and then fold again by 1/4″. You can iron this folded edge in place, or simply finger-press and sew. This is the open front part of the wrap dress.


To sew the bottom hem of the skirt, fold the edge over by 1/4″ and iron. Then fold that edge up by 1″, iron, and sew along the folded edge. Your skirt piece is now complete.

Now to complete the body of the wrap dress! Pin the shoulders together, matching up the notches.


Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Press the seam open and iron.


Next you’ll want to sew in the ties to the side of the body of the wrap! To make the ties, you can use some premade bias tape, fold and sew the edge to create a tie. Or you can take a 1 1/2″ wide fabric cut by the length you want for the ties. Fold both edges in by 1/4″, then fold in half (trapping the raw edges of the fabric inside the fold) and sew along the open edge to create the tie.

Pin a tie that is approx. 10″ long onto the side of the front body piece. Pin the front body piece to the back body piece, keeping the tie sandwiched in between the two layers. Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Repeat for the other side.

Note: If you keep the part of the tie that is inside the seam longer, you can fold it onto itself and use a quick anchoring stitch to create a loop. This will allow you to tie the loose wrap ties into the loop, keeping all the ties tidy inside the wrap dress.


Once you have the ties sewn into the side, press open the seam allowance.

On the outer raw edge hems of the top, pin the bias tape so that it wraps around the raw edges.


Sew the side of the bias tape that is on the inside of the top, securing it in place along the hem. Then fold the bias tape over, hiding the raw edge inside the fold. Sew along the fold from the top to create a nice seam.


Take two long ties, approx. 20″ in length. These will be sewn into the front of the top to create the ties. There are optional markings on the front for pleats, if you’d like to add them in. If you decide to add in pleats, pin one tie at the top, just under the bias tape hem where the notch is, with the tie laying across the right-side of the top. Fold the pleats and pin them in place. Pin this edge to a cut of bias tape that is 1″ longer on each side. Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Fold the bias tape over to the wrong side of the top, and you should have something that looks like this (don’t forget to iron!):


Now it’s time to attach the top to the skirt! Start by sewing a long baste stitch around the top, raw edge of the skirt in order to gather it (or use your favorite gathering method!)

Line up the hemmed front edge of the skirt to the seam where the bias tape is sewn to the front. You’re basically going to be wrapping that bit of bias tape around this part of the skirt, securing the hemmed edge inside of it.

Pin the side seams of the skirt and top together on both sides, and pin the center back of the top and center back of the skirt together. Gather the remaining edges evenly across the waist of the top piece, and sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance to secure.

Iron the seam so that the raw edges point up towards the inside of the top, and sew a 1/4″ seam around the waist of the top to secure it in place.


Fold the bias tape at the front of the top over, securing the raw edges of the fabric from the pleats and the ties in the bias tape. Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance to secure.


Last, but not least, the sleeves! Start by folding the bottom edge of the sleeve up by 1/4″ against the wrong side of the fabric and iron. Now pin the long edges of the sleeves together, lining up the notch, and sew.


Bring that fold up by 1/2″ and iron, then sew along the folded edge to create the sleeve’s hem.

Time to attach it to the top of the wrap dress!

Start by sewing a long basting stitch (or your preferred gathering method) along the top curve of the sleeve, in the area between the two side notches.

Match the two different shaped side notches to the same shaped notches in the top.


Gather and pin the sleeve in place.


Sew using a 1/2″ seam allowance. Iron the sleeves as needed.

Your beautiful wrap dress is complete! Don’t forget to show it off to us in the comments below! If you have any questions, let us know in the comments so we can clarify or adjust the tutorial as needed.

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  1. Ruth

    This is a lovely dress, and I look forward to making it. Would you please repost/relink to the pattern (dropbox says it has either been moved or deleted). Thank you.

  2. Meaghan Jackson

    I love the look of this dress and the pattern printed out well. I had some trouble with the placement of the pockets and ties as they aren’t shown in the printed pattern. I also found the instructions to be a bit confusing but I finally figured out the pockets and found an alternate way to do the ties that made worked out for me.

    1. Author
      Michaela Smith

      It’s around a small/medium. Print it at 100%. There is a box labelled “1 inch” on each page, when printed correctly the box should be a 1 inch square.

      1. Janine

        Hi there,

        Would you or anyone who has this pattern please send it me and the others who would love to have it? Something has happened with the link and they can’t seem to get it up online.


  3. Cheryl

    There are no markings to indicate how to align pattern pieces with fabric grain – can you provide any guidance?

  4. Author
    Michaela Smith

    Hey guys, sorry for the confusion! The link to the top portion of the pattern is now listed under the “Materials” list. :) If you have any further issues with it, please let me know!

    Make sure to tape corresponding sides together after printing to create each pattern piece (for example, tape side A to side A, side 1 to side 1, etc.). When printing, choose either “do not scale” or “scale: 100%” to ensure it prints correctly. Each page should have a 1 inch guide as well.

    Happy sewing!

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