Owl Door Stop Tutorial

Owl Door Stop Tutorial

Here is a really cute way to keep your doors open. This novelty owl door stop is bound to be a favorite in your home. We chose to make it in the robust 4C22 linen. And with Christmas not too far away it would make a really useful gift for family and friends.


12” x 57” 4C22 linen in Emerald
Small piece of cotton fabric for wings
Small piece of medium weight iron on interfacing
Small pieces of felt
Polyester stuffing
Bag of rice

To Make Your Pattern

Use squared dressmaker’s paper to make your pattern. Draw a vertical line 9” high and along it write place on fold. Draw a horizontal line out from the top of the vertical line measuring 2 1/2” and mark the end as A. Then, 2 1/2” down from the top of the vertical line draw another horizontal line measuring 3 1/4”, mark the end as B. Then at the base of the vertical line draw a horizontal line measuring 4 1/2” and mark the end as C.

From the top of the vertical line to point A draw a shallow curve. Then join points A to B with a shallow curve. Then gradually curve out a line from point B to C. Then cut out your owl pattern.

Cutting Out
Fold your fabric in half. Place the fold line on your pattern on the fold of your fabric and cut out. Then repeat.

Steps To Sew

1. Open out your owl pieces and press.

2. Cut two circles in grey felt with a 1 ½” diameter and glue to front of one owl. Add dark buttons to the centre of each. Cut a beak shape from red felt.

3. To make the wings draw out the shape on your pattern using the side edges of the pattern as the side of your wings. Cut out your wings pattern and then cut them out in cotton fabric adding an interfaced backing for stiffness. Pin the wings to the owl and secure in place with zig zag stitch.

4. With right sides facing stitch the front and back owl pieces together along the top and side edges. Clip into curves.

5. To make the bottom gusset cut a strip of fabric 8” long and 3 ½” deep. Round off each end.

6. With right sides together machine the gusset to the base of the owl leaving an opening for filling.

7. Fill the head and top of the owl with polyester stuffing and weight the body of the owl with a suitably-sized bag of rice. Close opening with hand sewing to finish.

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  1. Athena PN

    Adorable! One thought: rather than using rice or even beans as filler, which spoil quickly should they become damp (perhaps from wet little shoes passing by?), try small aquarium gravel or floral arranging stone as filler. Small amounts of gravel are easily found at pet stores & that way there’s no worries that something which may end up as a child’s heirloom might be ruined (or attract mice!).

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