5 Minute Scarf: No sewing and just one yard of linen!

5 Minute Scarf: No sewing and just one yard of linen!


In just five minutes you can recreate this gorgeous wrap scarf. Wait, it gets better.You only need one yard of linen for this scarf.  There is no measuring, no sewing, and hardly any cutting.  This really is simplicity at its finest.

I’ve been reserving my yard of IL041 linen in Fog for quite some time now.  I’ll be honest, I bought it months ago and still have not done anything with it.  Not because I don’t want to, I just love it too much to waste it on just any craft!

Now, obviously I could just as easily ordered more IL041 linen and stopped being so greedy about my one yard.  That is actually what I plan to do after this. Really- I need more and in more colors!  

I solved this dilemma by letting this project be about the linen and letting the linen do the work.  It has a thick, visible weave to it that almost looks net-like or similar to gauze.  It stands out from other linen and has a texture that I am absolutely crazy about.

More great news about this craft….IL041 is ON SALE NOW.  Yup! The sale is only until this Sunday though, June 3rd, 2012.  IL041 sales are rare, so I strongly advise taking advantage of this offer.  You will understand my excitement when you feel the texture of this linen for yourself.

This soft shade of linen drapes beautifully and is a great choice for a gorgeous wrap scarf.  Let’s get started!



  • AT LEAST 1 yard of IL041 linen.  I used Fog for my scarf (order 2 yards if you like to wrap your scarf several times over).
  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape.  This isn’t really necessary, but it never hurts to have one around!


This linen really must be washed before you even start cutting.  Laundering your linen prior to sewing pre-shrinks the fabric so sizing is more precise.  IL041 develops a beautiful texture once it is washed.  This texture is precisely why I chose this linen for this scarf!

I believe, there  are times when sewing is not necessary.  One of those instances is when you find yourself confronted with a beautiful piece of linen. That is why I just the linen shine on its own in a simple scarf that still stands out from the rest.

Now that I’ve made it clear how much I love working with IL041, we can start cutting.  The only thing you need to cut is the thick edge that lines one side of the fabric.


Similar to the linen scarves I made before (you can check them out again here), these scarves have a fringed edge on two sides.  Fringe the two sides of your fabric that are longer in length (the side that measures one yard).  This technique is incredibly easy with this particular linen weight because of its looser weave.  Just pull the threads one by one like I’ve shown in the picture above.


The fringe is only about a quarter inch long, so you don’t have to pull away at the linen for long.  This just give the scarf a nice detail that looks extra beautiful because of this linen.


I know one yard seemed like a lot of linen for a scarf, but it is so pretty all wrapped up around your neck like that.  You can even wear it like a shawl.


This craft is a no-brainer…..just because something is easy to make, doesn’t mean it won’t look beautiful. In just five minutes you can create something you will use over and over again.I love this simple wrap scarf!  The price can’t be beat and the results couldn’t make me happier.

IL041 is on sale RIGHT NOW.  Check out the different colors and see for yourself why I was so attached to my linen!


*Let me know what you all think about this latest DIY by leaving a comment or by "liking" us on Facebook.  Did you like seeing a craft that didn’t require breaking out the sewing machine? It’s refreshing sometimes to create something in just a few easy steps!


  1. Mariella

    I love linen! I understand your instructions and have used this technique many times, however, in order to prevent losing more yarns as you wear your scarf, you must at least knot ends where warp and weft intersect.
    This will help a bit, and more so, if you do a little more knotting in between. Thanks for your posting!

  2. MaryLou Rupp

    I’m trying to understand your directions for this scarf. I think I understand to fringe the edges which are cut, do I cut one salvage and fringe that as well. I’m sorry but I just don’t get it. I read and re-read the directions and it’s just not clear. Help! I can’t make a 5 min. Scarf.
    Thanks very much.

  3. Dee Wagner

    Tami…I made this scarf with the width being the one yard, and the length being the 54 inches. I believe the one yard works well, as the one yard is the WIDTH of the scarf and the 54 inches is the LENGTH allowing you to wrap the scarf around your neck more than once, and also because you can use it as a shawl as well. You might give that a try…it worked for me.

  4. Tami Amoroso

    I just bought 1 yards each of three different colors and I am disappointed because 1yd is definetly not enough for a scarf. It will only go one time around the neck…

    Increase the yardage!


  5. Mary Ann Tanking

    OOps I forgot to say the lima green is lLo4l in answer to the lady that wants to wash it later… read my suggestion as to stay stitch actually a zigzag at the base of the linen before the fringe… I still like the 1 inch… more sumptusious (oops spelling.. Match the thread or use sulky metallic in the correct color… wow..

  6. Mercedes Herndon

    An extremely short and narrow zig zag stitch that catches the very last thread line on all sides will prevent further fraying. Using matching or invisible thread works like a charm.

  7. Sheila Swan Laufer

    If you were to sew on a thread line, although it’s a no-sew pattern, no matter what you can stop further fraying,

  8. Author
    nicole novembrino

    For your first wash, use cold water and dry with the dryer. To wash you completed scarf later, I would probably stick to hand-washing and hang-drying it to make sure it doesn’t unravel.

    @Linda- Yes, I am sorry about the shipping policy. There must be a solution! Is there another address you can ship to? Also, bug’s solution seems like a good idea! Maybe you can try that?

  9. M.M.

    Once you’ve frayed it like that how can you wash it after? The edges will ravel and knot…. 🙁 Is there something to be done to maintain the 1/2 inch of fringe?

  10. Linda Spisak

    We have moved to Elma, WA 98541 in the US from Colorado. I really like the linen scarf idea and wanted to order 3 – One yard pieces of the fabric. However, I cannot, as the company does not ship to PO Boxes. That is the only address, as we are in a rural area without a mail box here at our home. Too bad, I really want to order. But, you have refused to ship. Let me know if you change your policy. The US Postal service has a less expensive form of shipping, too. Linda Spisak

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