Linen Scarf Tutorial

Linen Scarf Tutorial

Linen scarf

It’s getting a little chilly outside, so what better time is there to make a scarf?I started knitting a little late this year, so those scarves will take some time.  However, these linen scarves can be made in a fraction of the time.

I was inspired to make this particular style after seeing tons of photos of celebrities sporting linen scarves.  I loved the casual look and the fringed edges.  I knew I had to try to make my own with our linen!

All you need is one yard of linen and just a little bit of patience….you’ll see what I mean. I really enjoyed making my scarves and think they will make wonderful Christmas gifts too!


  • One yard of linen (the width for our fabric is 59 inches)
  • Sewing machine
  • A large needle

Linen scarf

There really isn’t much to making this scarf.  You already have your cut fabric and now all you need to do is make the fringe.  By the way, I am using IL020 in Dutch Blue for this scarf.I just pulled away at the threads to get the fringe started.  An extra large needle is the perfect tool for this job.  I didn’t think about that until I started the second side of my scarf.  The needle was definitely much easier and faster than my fingernails….. I wish I thought about it sooner!

Linen scarf

This is what it should look like once you have made about four inches of fringe.  It may have take some time, but look at how beautiful it is!

Linen scarf

Tie knots along the fringe edges.  These should be approximately a 1/2 inch wide each.

Linen scarf

Next, make a small seam along both long edges of your scarf so it won’t fray when you wash and wear it.

Linen scarf

The last step is the easiest.  Just toss your scarf into the washing machine.  Before you put it in the dryer, scrunch it up as much as you can by twisting it.

Linen scarf

By doing this, you will give the scarf a beautifully wrinkled look.

Linen scarf

I also made another one in Hedge Green.  I can’t decide which one I’ll keep and which one I’ll give to a friend for Christmas!

Shop 100% linen IL020 here >


*I hope you liked this linen idea.  Let me know if you have any scarf or winter accessories ideas by leaving a comment!


  1. Micheli

    oooh how did I miss that one? I just bought three sceravs! Fabrice is gonna kill me if I get one more package at that front door. LOL!!!Eboni Ife’ | The Fashionista Next Door recently posted..

  2. Pat Nathan

    Fringe the shorter sides (trim the selvedge) and either make tiny hem down the long sides or just use a short zigzag to keep those edges neat. Make it the whole 36″ or adjust to whatever size you would find comfortable. Quite simple, beautiful results. Also consider using the medium weight and adding embroidery either machine or by hand for a truly stunning shawl for those cooler days and evenings. As simple or as fancy as you like, this is a winner.

  3. Author
    nicole novembrino

    @MaryLou- You can definitely change the measurements of the scarf! Whatever is most comfortable for you is always best! There are so many different styles and shapes to scarves. I just wanted to show a simple technique, but feel free to change the shape to your preference!
    Also, it is essential to wash the linen before making your scarf. As for after the twists or fringe is made, you can wash your scarf then too, but that isn’t necessary for the effect.

  4. MaryLou Rupp

    These scarves are wonderful, as is almost everything I see here. I’ve been very inspired by them. I have some questions:
    Do you wash the linen before you make the scarf and again after to put the twist in it;
    Can you cut the 36″ length to 18 so you get two scarves from each yard. I think wrapping 36″ around my neck would be ackward for me. Does that seem like a good idea?
    Can’t wait to try these they will make wonderful addition to my wardrobe and presents for friends.
    Thank you for your kind reply.

  5. Ann

    I, too, had a question about hemming the sides. It says, “Next, make a small seam along both long edges of your scarf so it would fray when you wash and wear it.” Did you mean so it won’t fray when you wash and wear it? But if it’s a selvage, it shouldn’t fray anyway, should it?

  6. julia

    these are so beautiful! was waiting for the instructions.. is it ok to leave the selvage
    edge if they are good quality weaves? definitely have to make myself one.. if not several! 🙂

  7. Susan

    Hi, like the rest…they look beautiful! It seems odd to have a scarf 60 wide by only 36″ long???? barely enough to wrap. Also why would you need to hem the sides since they would be the selvage? Thanks, Susan

  8. Author
    nicole novembrino

    I used IL020 for the scarves….which is a lighter weight linen. It is also easier to fray the edges with the lighter weight linen. I used one yard of linen for each scarf (so the length is one yard). For the width, I just used whatever the width of that particular linen was. These ended up having a width of 59 inches. I hope you all try making your own scarves! I really loved this project!

  9. Barbara

    Thrilled to get the entire post! After seeing the images from Tahrir Square this weekend, I felt like making linen scarves to show my heartfelt support with the women of Egypt and the world.

  10. Anita Franklin

    Nicole, I am so excited about these linen scarves! I wear head coverings and just can’t find them in stores made from linen. I think I will be cutting my scarf in half (makes 2) so that I have less bulk when wrapping my head. Now I can have scarves that MATCH my wardrobe! Thank you, thank you!

    BTW: what weight did you use for the sample scarves?

  11. Teresa King

    For the linen scarf, are you using the 59 inch width as the length, or the 36 inch length. the scarf is lovely, I want to make sure that I am doing it right.

  12. Author
    nicole novembrino

    The linen is 1 yard in length and our linen is 59 inches wide. If ordering linen for a scarf, you just need one yard and you are all set.

  13. Maureen D

    I would also like to make a couple but trying to figure out if the length is 59″ and width is 36″???? Also what WEIGHT
    linen….I love these scarfs!!!!

  14. Jari Decker

    I’m confused and I’d really like to knock out a couple of these tomorrow. I’m assuming that the fabric is 59″ inches long, but how wide? I didn’t actually see the dimensions of the cut fabric anywhere. Help!

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