Meet Erika: A designer sewing and doing what she loves!

Meet Erika: A designer sewing and doing what she loves!

 Today we are talking to Erika, the creator of  Yellow Wallpaper Handmade.  Her Etsy shop offers unique designs that use linen in creative and ways.  Maybe you will be inspired to sew something new with linen after hearing how her passion developed!

Yellow Wallpaper Handmade

Hi Erika! Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Hi!  My name is Erika and I run a little handbag factory called Yellow Wallpaper Handmade. I currently live in Southern California and I’m fortunate enough to be able to work from home at the moment. So from sun up to sun down you can usually find me at my sewing table. When I’m not sewing, I’m usually looking for inspiration. I still have an obsession with print. My home is stocked full of magazines, books and catalogs.

What inspired you to start Yellow Wallpaper Handmade?

My passion for design and construction is what really inspired me. Plus, the prospect of possibly being able to live off of my work, well that was what really fueled my desire to try and make YWH happen. Having super supportive friends and family also helped!

Yellow Wallpaper Handmade

How did your passion for sewing and design develop?

I come from a large family of mostly women and growing up my sisters and mother who were very DIY.  There were always sewing patterns and fashion magazines around the house, so I think I just naturally developed a passion for construction and fashion.

What led to you start creating your own designs?

I had been making bags for myself for a few years and eventually started giving them away as gifts. Friends started to show them to friends and all of a sudden I was taking orders and decided to start an Etsy shop.

All of your handmade accessories have a unique, stylish look to them.  Do you have an overall aesthetic for your designs?  Also, where do you get your inspiration from?

I love clean lines, textures and colors which pretty much sums up a lot of my designs.  I don’t wear much color in terms of clothing so I think that’s why I gravitate towards accessory pieces that have bold colors.

In terms of inspiration, I’m really inspired by interior design, architecture and of course all things vintage. My best friend runs a vintage shop and always finds the best treasures, so she’s always a source of inspiration.

Yellow Wallpaper Handmade

What type of woman do you think is attracted to the Yellow Wallpaper Handmade?

Women who don’t want their accessory pieces to take over their entire look.

We specialize in 100% flax linen at Why do you choose linen for many of your designs?

I love using linen. 100% linen, cotton-blend linen, vintage linen; I love it all. I just love the natural texture that linen brings to my designs. Plus it’s easy to sew with.

Thanks for sharing with us, Erika! One last parting question- what do you always carry in one of your purses?

My phone- boring answer I know, but I like my phone.  Aside from my phone, I’d have to say lip balm and hand cream. I tend to bite my lips a lot when I’m sewing for some reason, so lip balm is essential and I hate sewing when my hands feel dry.


*You can check out more from Yellow Wallpaper Handmade here!


  1. Patricia Meckelburg

    Hello Erika, what a lovely collection: I too like sewing and now newly retired have more time to make some beautiful things and am inspired by your use of wonderful linen fabric to make such lovely understated accessories. Quality linens are impossible to purchase retail in Perth, Australia anymore.

    Best Wishes

  2. Mary Ann Tanking

    Erika… I just started painting on linen… it is work with and I order it from this site. I don’t have very much on hand so will be ordering again. then the results will be in pillow tops, handbags and handbag linings..( i like a surprise of color when opening a bag.. hate black linings… carry on your work is great !!!! mary ann

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