Linen Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial

Linen Yoga Mat Bag Tutorial

The other day I was looking at my yoga mat and thought to myself, “My yoga mat looks so…..naked.”  There is was, miserably thrown in the corner of my room, half unrolled, and laying pathetically on its side.  It didn’t look just naked.  It looked sad.

Although almost everyone in my yoga class carries their mat in a special bag, I’ve always thought a bag was unnecessary.  Why waste time shoving my mat into a bag when I can easily tuck it under my arm and go?!

Somehow, I finally decided I was going to give my yoga mat the respect it deserves.  Why not take better care of my trusty yoga mat?  I certainly don’t mind keeping it cleaner.  And I wouldn’t mind having a spare arm if my yoga mat were to be effortlessly slung across my shoulder.

Another reason, and perhaps the biggest push towards me making a bag, was that I will find just about any excuse to wrap something in linen.  That being said, I think you should give this craft a try too!

If you aren’t into yoga, you probably know someone who is.  They would love this yoga mat bag! And who knows, maybe one day you’ll fall in love with yoga too.

Yoga Mat Bag


  • Linen
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
  • And, of course, your yoga mat!


Yoga Mat Bag

Begin by measuring out the amount of linen you will need to cut.

Yoga Mat Bag

My mat is fairly thin, so your measurements may be slightly different depending on the size of your mat.  However, a 26’x14” rectangle of linen will work just fine for most mats.

Yoga Mat Bag

Then cut your linen.  You can set this aside while we make the straps.

Yoga Mat Bag

I had a lot of natural linen, so I choose to make one long strap for my bag.  If you are running low of linen, then you can make a different type of strap.  Two shorter straps is another great option.

I measured mine at 61”x3.”  I told you it was long! You’ll see what I do with this long strip of linen later.

Yoga Mat Bag

I then prepared my strap by folding it in half and then folding the edges inwards a half inch.  I ironed the creases so seaming the edge would be extra easy.

Yoga Mat Bag

Sew the straps to the fabric.
yoga Mat Bag
The picture above shows you how I did mine.  I just put my fabric out flat and sewed where the dashed line is.

yoga Mat Bag

Finish seaming the rest of the strap once you have attached it to the linen.

Yoga Mat Bag


Now we can sew up the edges.  Sew the bottom and side with a ½ inch hem going along the inside.  The last step is just to finish the top opening with a ½-1 inch hem.

yoga Mat Bag

Just slip your yoga mat into it’s brand new linen bag and look at how much happier it looks!  I walk into yoga class with a huge smile now that I have this gorgeous bag across my shoulder.

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  1. Z

    I love this DIY but I confess that I got a bit lost after attaching the strap to the body of the bag and seaming the rest of the strap.. 🙁

  2. Author
    nicole novembrino

    Thanks, Jonelle!

    @Gay- The raw seams are on the inside. I just turned it right side out after sewing the seams.

  3. Jonelle Sherwood

    This is the coolest thing ever! With the wide variety of colors you offer and this DIY I am able to make one of these mat bags for each person in my group. What a great gift idea!

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