Linen Wine Bag Tutorial

Linen Wine Bag Tutorial

Linen Wine Bag

Whenever I’m invited to dinner at someones home, I like to bring something for the host or hostess.  The thing is, I always feel a bit strange shoving a bottle of wine in someones face.

That might be because a naked bottle of wine can seem a little impersonal.  You know, like something you just grabbed on your way out the door.  And, although that might be true, one should at least create an image a thoughtful gift.  Right?

This is what led me to fixing up a little bag to pop my bottles of wine in before handing them over.  They are incredibly easy to make, but can transform your simple gift into something much more special!

The thing is, people appreciate when you make something for them.  Even if you only spent 30 minutes making something for someone, your thoughtfulness will still shine (by the way, this will take way less than 30 minutes to make!).  

I know I feel happy when someone gives me something they made just for me.  It shows that you took time out of your day to create something for them.  

So trust me, this is a crowd-pleaser.

Linen Wine Bag


  • Linen.  I chose IL019 linen in Natural.
  • Rope, cord, or twine
  • A sewing machine or needle and thread.
Linen Wine Bag

Measure and cut your linen to be 29 ½” x 6 ½ .“

Linen Wine Bag

Fold your rectangular piece of linen in half so the two shorter ends are evenly aligned.  You can use pins, if you like, to keep it neatly folded.

This is time when you get to decide if you want to use your sew by hand or with your machine.  It will just be two straight stitches along the edges, so both choices will be a snap!

Linen Wine Bag

Then just sew along each of the longer sides.  There should be one folded bottom and an opening at the top when you are through.

Linen Wine Bag

Trim of any excess fabric or thread and just flip your bag right-side out.

Linen Wine Bag

Lastly, I like to flatten the seams with my fingers or with an iron for a neater appearance.

Linen Wine Bag

Your bag is made! How long did that take? Five or ten minutes?  I told you this was a super easy craft!

Place your bottle of wine inside and roll the top down if you like.  The last step is to tie it up with nicely.  I used twine, but feel free to use whatever you have around your home.

Once you see how great your bottle of wine looks, you might want to consider making another one for yourself!

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  1. silke schubert

    Hello there,
    I like the color linen used in your example. The weight is also very nice, would kindly let me know what color/weight the linen is that you used?
    Thank you

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