Heart Hot Pad Tutorial

Make something for your home that is full of love! This lovely heart design makes your hot pad stand out from the rest.  It is the perfect resting spot for a hot pot of tea or mug of coffee.  These useful aids can be used to protect your table and hands from any hot cooking items.

You can alter the size of your hot pad to fit pots and serving bowls too.  The color options are endless, so you can have fun mixing things up!

DIY Heart Hot Pad


  • Two 5 ½ inch squares of linen
  • An extra scrap of linen for the heart
  • One 5 ½ square of cotton batting
  • A sewing machine
  • Scissors

    Diy Heart Hot Pad

To begin, cut your linen and cotton batting according to the measurements stated above.  I used a gray IL044 linen for my hot pad.  The heart is IL019 linen in Firecracker Red.

Place the material for your heart on top of one of your linen squares.  You can trace the heart design onto your linen for guidance.  Then sew along your heart with your sewing machine.

Once you sew the heart, continue to sewing to create a multiple stitched lines.  This will create an interesting design.  The image above shows exactly what this should look like.

DIY Heart Hot Pad

Sew the cotton batting to the second piece of linen.

DIY Heart Hot Pad

Trim the inside of your heart to expose the different colored linen.

DIY Heart Hot Pad

Stitch the two squares together using a simple top stitch.  To do this, sew along to border with the exposed heart design facing upwards.

Now all you have to do it trim off any excess material from around the edges.

How simple was that?!  You can see the two hot pads I made with complimentary colors in the photo.  I hope you like this fun way to protect your tabletops.  It is an easy craft that looks so charming on any table.

*I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy craft!  It makes a great gift too.  Don’t forget to visit us on Facebook for more ideas and crafts!


  1. Author
    nicole novembrino

    @Pam- No, we don’t offer any silver heat resistant material. Sorry!

    @Janice- The batting is sew to the other square of fabric. Place that piece down (with the batting facing up) and put the square with the heart on top of it. Then sew these two together. The stitch will be exposed with rough edges. Just trim the edges to clean it up. I used an iron so everything looked extra nice! Also, I stitched it this way to make this craft extra easy for myself. Hope this makes sense!

    @Nickie- You can use any material you like for this craft! I just love how the linen looks.

  2. Janice Maclin

    Maybe I just need another cup of coffee but I don’t understand. Do you sew and turn right side out or is the batting just sitting on the underneath side with no fabric behind it?

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