Everyone loves a man in a (linen) suit.

Everyone loves a man in a (linen) suit.

       A men’s suit is capable of many things. A man in a suit radiates a certain confidence that, let’s face it, gets business done.  It should also go without saying that this particular topic, although concerning menswear, is relevant to women. Why? Well, because what woman doesn’t swoon over a man in a perfectly fitting suit?

       Suits have the power to completely transform a man.  The thing is, there are a lot of bad suits out there!  Although trends change, some things will always remain classic.  For a relaxed, easy going vibe, try sporting a linen suit.

       A suit made of linen has all the features of a traditional suit, keeping your overall appearance refined and polished.  There is just something about linen fabric though that gives off a air of effortless style.

Linen Suit

       It’s a timeless look that is suits every age.  There is also something innately European about a suit made of linen.  They always look like they belong on the hot, humid streets of Florence, where style doesn’t take a break even on the most sweltering, sticky summer days.

       I could try to explain to you the allure of linen but I believe Fashionising describes it perfectly:

“So many men simply don’t understand linen, and it’s often those of us who have had the luck of a childhood in Europe that may ever truly appreciate it. But a linen suit can be perfect for those hot, humid summer days. Try wearing a cotton or wool suit once the mercury pushes past 30 Celsius / 85 Fahrenheit and you’ll see what I mean. Because of its nature, line makes a great summer suit and colours such as whites and creams and particularly suited.One final note on linen: don’t be scared of linen’s penchant for creasing, it’s all a part of the fabric’s charm.”

Linen Suit

      You’ll look great, stay cool, and be stylish beyond words!

      Styles change over the years, but linen is always a classic choice.  The only thing left to consider is the cut of the suit.  To be honest, I am hardly the expert on this subject, but I gained some very valuable insight after reading Fashionising’s guide to men’s suit.  It’s a fun guide that is great for anyone who loves learning about fashion!

Linen Suit

       A linen suit is a versatile fashion that can be mixed and matched with different colors and fabrics for a stylish look.  If you have an expertly cut suit, then get creative with your shirts, pocket squares, or ties.

Linen Blazer

       And ladies-  you can wear a linen suit or blazer for a chic look too!  Add some fashionable accessories or pair it with a fun, patterned blouse.  I love this look because it’s a far cry from typical pant suit made of synthetic materials.

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  1. helen chisum

    I’m New to this Linen fabric, so I’m not savvy about weights here at this site…Soooo, what weight is 235 GSM I mean in American … like Rustic heavy 4c22 or is it a med weight like that Ll019? or it like those mystery weights that you run every so often ?

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