Limited time Sale on summer weight handkerchief Linen!

This summer weight handkerchief linen is guaranteed to keep your body cool and dry even in the most humid hot climates.

Woven out of fine thread, 3.5 ounces per yard linen is a perfect choice for summer days and nights. It is thin, soft and silky, but durable enough to hold up to daily washes. Even though this fabric is thin, it absorbs moisture just as well as the fuller body linen fabrics.

These fabrics are yarn dyes – the thread was first dyed and then the cloth was woven and this gives you an individual look with every cloth design.

Yarn dyes allow you use old patterns to make completely different visually new garments. You won’t believe how easy it is to recreate one of your favorite summer shirts or blouses, using your trusted old patterns and a yarn dye, to get a completely new look without losing the comfy fit you are used to.

If you don’t feel like spending too much time making new things for summer, then use yarn dyes to embellish existing pieces and give these articles a new summer look without having to redo them from scratch.

Try these tricks to give an article of clothing a new look without doing to much work:

* Add yarn dye pockets or collars to blouses and shirts
* Add color to your bed linens by changing up the bed skirt or pillow cases with a bit of yarn dyes
* Add colorful hand towels to your bathroom or make a new colorful belt and pocket for your bathrobe

For this week only, these summer weight linen yarn dyes are available to you at reduced prices.

You know what you will be making and the embellishments you will be adding, so get the fabric before Sunday June 29th with these additional savings.

Enter here to go directly to the discounted summer handkerchief weight linen yarn dyes!


  1. Junee

    I have received my first order of linen and am absolutely celebrating. It is gorgeous. I am looking forward to cutting into it and making a shirt. Thanks, I will send a photo when completed.

  2. Author

    Hello Norma,

    You can use the IL020 or the IL019 to do Cross Stitch embroidery. The IL020 is a lighter weight fabric and the IL019 is a medium weight linen.

    Thank you,

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