Linen’s hidden health benefits finally revealed!

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Fabric With An Attitude.
This Isn’t Your Grandma’s Tablecloth!
Be A Part Of The Linen Revolution

– Plus, linen’s hidden health benefits finally revealed!

As you shop for fabric for your next bed & bath, home decor, fashion & apparel, or hobbyist project, have you considered using linen?

As you think about the needs of your project,

  • are you wondering if linen is the right choice for you?
  • are you afraid that linen costs too much?
  • do you fear linen won’t hold up like other natural fibers?
  • are you curious how linen stacks up synthetics?
  • or, do you just wish you knew a little more about this timeless fabric before making a decision?

At, we want to help you in your quest for the perfect fabric for all of your needs.

We want to expose the benefits of linen, its qualities, and its applications.

And, we want to reveal some of the “hidden secrets” of linen that are making it the new hottest fabric of 2008.
Imagine that…a fabric that’s been around for thousands of years is now new again!

Everything Old Is New Again.
Rediscover the Wonder of Linen.

When you think of linen, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

For many, it’s their grandma’s heirloom tablecloth or elegant napkins. For some, it’s the lining in that fine suit
or their favorite shirt. Still others think of its uses in their bathrooms, bedrooms, and living rooms.

No matter what you think of, when it comes to the all-around perfect solution for your apparel, home décor,
and bed & bath fabric choices, linen outperforms all the rest. Just as reliable for napkins and tablecloths
as it is for fine suits and upholstery, linen stands for excellence in every application.

Now, with its incredible health benefits exposed for the first time ever, there is no reason not to use linen in your next project.

Read on to learn how linen is revolutionizing the way you can approach your design, décor, and hobbies in a whole new way!

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Eco-Friendly? Health-Conscious? Discover the Hidden Benefits of Linen

A fabric that not only makes you feel great, but is healthy for you and helps protect the environment?

Yes, linen is really that good! Even though this premiere all-natural fabric has been celebrated for thousands of years, researchers are
learning more and more every day about the health benefits of linen.

That’s right; linen is the healthy fabric, a clean-living alternative that can have long-reaching and fundamental health benefits for you.

Take a look at just a few of the reasons why linen is the healthy choice for long-lasting elegance as well as a healthier you!

  • ecologically-friendly
  • hypoallergenic
  • antibacterial
  • thermo-regulating
  • anti static
  • gamma and solar radiation protection
  • high air permeability
  • high heat conductivity


Check this out: When you choose linen, you not only invest in the highest quality fabric, you help the environment. Linen requires five times less
pesticides and fertilizers than cotton. Do your part. Buy linen.


Linen, because of its natural fibers and production process, is specially formulated to be hypoallergenic. In other words, using and wearing linen will
help you to avoid common allergic reactions found with other fabrics, particularly synthetics.

Long recommended for people with sensitive skin, studies are now showing that linen may even actually help people overcome certain allergies.
This is an exciting time for the science of linen and we here at are just as eager as everybody to discover even more hidden health benefits
of this fabulous fabric. We’ll keep you posted!


Linen is one of the “purest” fabrics available anywhere. Because of its incredibly strong tensile strength, linen resists not only stains and dirt, but also
inhibits the growth of bacteria that are so common with fabrics that have neither the essential fiber qualities or fundamental weave of linen. Hospitals and
service industries around the world use linen products to assure the utmost in sterile environments. In fact, linen thread is the only suture approved for
internal use in the human body!


A fabric that keeps you warm when it’s cold and keeps you cool when it’s hot? The benefits of linen just don’t stop! Linen is naturally
thermo-regulating-it’s insulating in the cold, and cool and breathable when it’s warm.

In fact, studies have shown that people wearing linen in hot weather have skin temperatures many degrees cooler than people who
aren’t wearing linen. Keep your cool with linen!

Additionally, linen whisks perspiration from the skin. Recent research has demonstrated that a person who wears linen sweats 1.5 times less
than when wearing cotton and 2 times less than when wearing a synthetic such as rayon. And, because of its high heat conductivity which is
five times as high as wool and 19 times that of silk, it’s the obvious choice in all temps.


No more getting shocked! The negative impact of static electricity build up can’t be underestimated. Additionally, when sewing with linen,
you’ll no longer have to apply anti-stats to your thread lubricant-one step that can save you time and money, as well as those little zaps
and the effect they have on the tensile integrity of your thread.

Gamma and Solar Radiation Protection

Fabric that protects you from the sun? That’s right, linen has shown to reduce gamma radiation by nearly half and offers strong protection
against solar radiation. When selecting the perfect fabric for home décor or apparel, linen is the obvious choice especially as compared to
wool which has relatively poor resistance to sunlight.

High Air Permeability

Linen breathes naturally. As compared to other natural fibers and synthetics like polyester, linen offers superior breathability and comfort.

As you can see, linen is revolutionizing the way people think about their fabrics-healthier, cleaner, all-around better for you. But, its health
benefits are just the beginning of its value. Visit to see our fine selection of the most affordable linens on the web or Read
on to discover what sets linen apart from all other fabrics.

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Don’t Let Them Pull The Wool Over Your Eyes. Linen Is The Clear Winner Every Time.

The benefits of linen are undeniable. From being easy to sew, to its durability and ease of care, linen is almost always the perfect fabric choice for
every application. Wait a minute…it’s not just “almost always,” linen IS always the perfect fabric choice.

Take a look at some of the reasons why linen is simply unmatched in quality and excellence.

  • highly absorbent
  • extremely durable
  • long lasting
  • resists lint and pilling
  • easy to sew
  • moth resistant
  • resists dirt, stains, and abrasions
  • easy care

Highly Absorbent

Linen is hygroscopic. In other words, it rapidly absorbs and releases moisture. In fact, linen can
absorb up to 20% of its own weight in water before it even feels wet-making it the perfect choice for your dish towels and napkins.

Extremely Durable

With its high tensile strength, linen is up to three times as strong as both cotton and wool. No more worrying about everyday use-you’ll
pull out your linens for every occasion. In addition, linen’s durability makes it a joy to work with for all your apparel, hobby,
and home décor projects.

Exceptionally Long-lasting

Linen is one of the few fabrics that actually gets better with age. Softer. Smoother. More lustrous. Lasting up to 12 times as long
as cotton, linens regularly pass from generation to generation and redefine the meaning of heirloom.

Easy to Sew, Non-Shrinking and Non-Stretching

Due to the linen fabric weave, even sewing beginners can have wonderful results with their first project. Cutting a pattern out of linen
is a breeze compared to other fabrics, the linen thread works as a grid making it easier on your eyes. Less ironing is involved while sewing
with linen, to have a corner or a hem hold until you are ready to sew it, you do not need an iron, you just need your hand to run over the
fold and linen fabric will stay in place.

Because it only minimally stretches or shrinks upon first cleaning, linen is the obvious alternative to cottons and wools for all your
fabric needs. No more guesswork on how much shrinkage you’ll need to account for in your patterns. No more stretching, so your completed
work always keeps its perfect fit and finish.

Abrasion Resistant

When you want the elegance of silk, but its delicacy just won’t stand up to the demands of your project, consider the stubborn alternative.
Linen is obstinately resistant to scrapes, scratches, snags, and scuffs.

Moth Resistant

No more moth balls? What a relief! Naturally resistant to the most common fabric-devouring bugs, including moths and carpet beetles-due
to its long, strong parallel fiber structure-never worry about moths again.

All-Around Ease of Care

Try to imagine a high-end fabric that can just as easily be put in the washing machine, steamed, or dry cleaned. How nice would that be?
With linen, you don’t have to imagine…”easy care” just got a whole lot easier.

Dirt and Stain Resistant

It’s in the fiber! Thanks to molecular structure of flax, linen is naturally resistant to dirt and stains.

Non-Linting and Pilling

No more lint? No more pilling? Linen really could be just about the perfect fabric. The original flax fiber plus the process of creating
linen make it resistant to collecting lint or pilling. Say goodbye to the raggedy look of those little pill balls forever.

As you can see, linen has a long pedigree of benefits. It’s unmatched in quality, luxury, excellence, and ease of use.

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One Fabric. A Million Uses. Is There Anything It Can’t Do?

Take a look at just a few of the many, many uses of linen. Then, start imagining how linen is going to take your next project
to a new level of durability, style, and quality.

Bed & Bath

  • duvet covers
  • pajamas for men
  • nightgowns
  • bed sheets
  • pillow shams
  • bed skirts
  • shower curtains
  • decorative pillows
  • bath robes
  • guest towels
  • bath towels
  • wash cloths
  • any other quality bed and bath accessories

Kitchen & Table Linens

  • tablecloths
  • napkins
  • placemats
  • runners
  • chair cushions
  • dish towels
  • bread bags
  • grocery tote

Home Décor & Commercial Furnishings

  • wallpaper
  • wall coverings
  • upholstery
  • slipcovers
  • couch pillows
  • window treatments
  • beds for your pets
  • decorative fabrics for every application

Apparel & Fashion

  • suits
  • dresses
  • skirts
  • jackets
  • kids clothes
  • shirts
  • pants
  • re-enactment costumes
  • shoes
  • any article of fine clothing

Industrial Products

  • luggage
  • canvases
  • sacks
As you can see, linen has infinite possibilities. With linen, the only limitation is your imagination.Discover how fun, easy, and satisfying it is to work with linen today at

Superior Quality. Unmatched Value. The Difference

“Linen is linen, right?”

Wrong! Just as with any other fabric, natural or synthetic, there are good options and not-so-good options.
There’s a wide range of quality. There’s an even larger range of price points. We’re proud to offer the best
quality at the lowest prices.

When you choose your linen from, you are investing in superior quality. With linens made
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Our focus has always been to provide you with the widest selection of high quality fine linens to suit your
needs no matter what your project.

Available in all weights, from lightweight to heavyweight fabric, in natural, colored, jacquard, and yarn-dyed,
you’ll find over 115 options to satisfy all your linen desires. This is what makes different
and we’re proud to offer it to you.

Made Exclusively For

Many first-time buyers wonder if we’re able to offer such low prices because we’re selling close outs.
The answer is absolutely not! We do NOT sell close-out or factory seconds fabrics.

The fabrics you see at are not close outs. In fact, they are manufactured specifically for us.
It’s more time intensive and expensive, but-again, since we’ve cut out the middleman-we’re proud to be able to offer
you only the finest selection of superior linens at highly competitive prices.

State-of-the-Art Online Shopping Experience

With a state-of-the-art online store that allows you to find, compare, and buy choice linens at the click of a button,
online shopping for your fabric needs has never been easier.

In fact, many of our customers-both our wholesale and retail clients-comment on how buying online from us was a better
experience than any in-store purchase they’d ever had. That makes us very happy.

Check out a few of the benefits you’ll receive when you shop at

  • Finest pure linen at the best prices in stock now
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